Memoir: Dear Zemira



Thanks for sending everything. I got it right before we shipped out. I found you some of that candy that you like on Leonis and I got Noura a birthday present, so I'll send those off as soon as we get back to Picon.

I can get two weeks of leave for Noura's birthday, but don't tell her that yet. Our chaplain read the omens before we left and they were unfavorable (to say the least) and yet here we are still launching. Maybe it was kind of test of us, you know? Whether we'd put our faith in the gods or in men. Anyway, the Sister's still trying to figure it out, but if anything happens to us I don't want things to be more complicated than they have to be for you. I moved my promotion bonus into Noura's account, and you have full control over it until we get back to port. Those statements for the rest of the account are in my desk, same place as before.

As for the rest, it's quieter than the Diomedes was. If you can ignore QUODEL, which is tough as they're like roaches up here. They've even got some Caprican actor here walking around in cowboy boots and asking everyone questions for "a role". Pronouncing the b in subtle, eh?

Your mother picks the shittiest times to come by, doesn't she. Don't worry about it, it'll be fine. Move your stuff and Noura's into my room and let your mother stay in yours. Don't forget to put an extra pillow on my bed. You know she notices things like that. If she asks why we got the two-bedroom, tell her we were planning to put Noura in her own room this year. If my sister bought it, your mother will.

We're leaving soon, so I need to get this in the mail. Take care of yourself.

- Jesse

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