Memoir: Work In Progress

Flying Clusterfrak (Working Title)

An investigative report by Sawyer Averies

(insert stock photo of BS Cerberus)

Her launch date was rushed. The final bells and whistles were left in their crates to be installed while the ship cruised, but who needs things like functioning airlocks and galley equipment with proper fail safes against fires? In a rush to prove themselves before the budget ax fell, the Fleet sought to launch their newest, shiniest ship into the Black with a wish and a prayer and a short speech by the Executive Officer, Colonel Alec Sarkis.

You could almost hear the collective sigh of relief as the Battlestar Cerberus left dry dock to begin her maiden voyage.

While the various members of QUODEL were served cocktails (mention drinking ban on board?) in the Observation deck to toast the job well done, their noses were conveniently turned away from the security risk being held in by the MP's. Identified only as Miss Tuala (complete investigation into the mysterious civilian woman and the airlock incident. Follow up on lead in Engineering)

(Blah Blah Blah. Some space filler about trust in the Military. Segway into Tillman interview.)
Often times on this ship it seems like the left hand doesn't know what the right is doing. Captain Clive Tillman serves as the TACCO, or the Tactical Officer, aboard the Cerberus. During his interview he is quoted as saying, “I do speak for command and issue orders in their absence.” But when questioned about the drinking ban, he only knew when it was to be lifted, not why it was instated. When approached about the fire incident in the galley, he stated, “If medical is understaffed that would be a question for the Chief Medical Officer.” (Why when questioned does everything seem to be above their pay grade. Possible need to target CO himself. Good luck with that, Sawyer.)

(Follow-up dinner with Topher. Weasel out details of product malfunctions)

Potential stories:
Religious bad omen with the animal sacrifice. Follow up with Priestling and documentarian aboard.
Problems in the Air-wing? Why the reserve squadron aboard? Targeting hunky Captain.
Maybe do a fluff piece about Viper and Raptor pilots/ECOs and their callsigns.

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