Memoir: Terroristic Explosion

Terroristic Explosion Claims Two Lives, Sends CPO to ICU
by Sawyer Averies

On May 2, 2041 AE – just sixty five days following the Holocaust – terror struck again this time in the form of a suspicious explosion in the Port Hangar Deck. As luck would have it, Lieutenant Jeremiah Bell of the VSP-101 Snow Petrels noticed a questionable flash of light originating from the Viper assigned to Captain Anton Laskari. If not for Bell's discerning eye, the resulting explosion might have been exponentially more cataclysmic.

As Bell's concerns caused an investigation by the Chief Petty Officer on duty, it was actually the Viper assigned to Captain Abraham Sitka that exploded. A ship that the Captain vacated not moments before p due to the rising paranoia on deck. The violent detonation immediately claimed the lives of two deck crew and critically injured CPO Johnson. While rescue operations were underway, a second incendiary agent that had failed to explode was discovered on Sitka's Viper behind the bullet drum, and was dismantled by a marine crew.

Incidentally, no anomalies were later found Laskari's Viper.

Investigation lead by Lance Corporal Cadmus Maragos is on-going, but the fear remains. Was this an inside job? Or were the explosives set when the Cerberus was boarded by Cylon forces two weeks ago?

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