Memoir: Strangers

We didn't know one another.

Sitting down next to each other in a dark room was purely happenstance.
Our eyes were forward, looking not at the starscape but beyond.
There was a world around us, but we were each in our own.

Maybe he was dreaming about his girl at home when he put his hand on my thigh, thinking it was her.
You could tell when he realized I wasn't. He tensed. Pulled away.
For some reason, I caught his hand and pulled it back.

Our eyes met, and it would be the first and last time we actually saw each other.
It was easy after that to get lost back in the memories.
The breath before the kiss was sweet, but he only smelled his girl's perfume.

When the lights came up, we were all alone again.
It doesn't matter if we were together.
The movie was over. The crowd was leaving. The red moon was gone.

We didn't know one another.

And now we never will.

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