Memoir: MolGen Experiments Cause of Second Cylon War

Article by Sawyer Averies

Humans have not caused the destruction of their own kind with environmental damage as originally predicted. It wasn't pollution, deforestation or wide-spread resource raping that made our colonies unlivable. No, it was an experiment born out of a Science Fiction novel that lead to the mass destruction of our species and the inhospitable atmosphere of our twelve beloved Colonies.

Operation Cobra Talon went laughably awry with the breakdowns of the command structure and the lack of contingency planning, but at least one portion of the mission was a success: the Alpha team was able to ascertain where and why a Colonial distress signal was being beamed off the surface of Leonis. Inside the secret underground facility was a monstrosity of human conscious blended with wire and metal technology that bore the first known Centurion models. It fed us information that only raised questions, questions which we now have answers, and answers that have been confirmed. Once more, we have caused our own demise.

Information that was gleaned off the MolGen mainframe has been picked apart line by line of jumbled text and information but one thing was clear: they were working on a way to devise a radiation based weapon that targeted the silica pathways of Centurions, disrupting their systems and thus causing their demise. The humanoid Cylon simply known as 'Eleven' (after her so called model number) confirmed during interrogation that this development was what spurred the attacks on the Colonies before the research could be completed.

Was this weapon derived for defense or offense? In the end, it was our own insatiable need to right our previous wrongs, our own undeniable intent to commit genocide that led to our own.

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