Memoir: Chicken Scratch

Picon. Destroyed?

Found new source: Laskaris. Stonewalled me in front of witnesses but provided a sketch of what he believes the enemy vessels looked like. Cylons?

Counter theory (Evandreus): Tauron developed new technology. Tested on Picon. But why?

Civilian massacre in airlock. Firsthand eye witness: Santiago Blue. Fine line between friendship and source. Marines used necessary force to stop civilians from breaking airlock. Shots fired otherwise Cerberus couldn't jump. Necessary evil = fated atrocity.

During last war game I was able to sneak a peek at a memo in CIC. 2500 five hundred foot spools of insulated wire. To replace shoddy workmanship existing on ship that caused fire? Or was this the original work order? Insulated wire doesn't cause fires. Foul play? No date noticed on form to confirm.

Sitka. Demos. Nikias, Sofia, Cadmus. Nostos, Jayden, Temperance. Ren, Astrid, Merrell, and Gabrieli.

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