Memoir: In Samuel's Mind

OOC Note: This isn't really a memoir, but more of a dream sequence, happening inside Sam's mind as he slipped out of conscious in the Raptor.

Darkness all around me. What has happened, and where am I?

Suddenly the darkness fades, and I'm standing in a very familiar place. It's just outside the back door back home in Fallingwater. How did I get here? I thought I was in a Raptor, or back on Leonis or something. It's a bit hard to remember now. Last thing I remember was getting shot.

"Hello?" I call out, even though I know there's nobody there. They were all killed during the attacks, or in the time following it. That’s when I hear it, the familiar sound of someone working in the garage. I move over in that direction, reaching for my rifle that isn’t there. Something’s very wrong here…

I look inside through the open door, and stop immediately. It’s father, working on repairing some old motorcycle of some sort. Without thinking, I step inside, a bit quietly, but I don’t speak. Not yet. But so does he.

“Close the door after you, Samuel,” he tells me, and when I do, he turns from his work and continues. “It’s about time you got home, son. What have you been doing out there?”

“I’ve been staying alive, father. Thanks to the skills I learned from you,” I reply a bit quietly, but blinks at the next words from father. “But how do you know that you are alive?” I start thinking about that, and everything fades again…

The next thing I know, I’m back in Kythera, although it’s a part of the city that I’ve never been in. I can see some of those now familiar parts of the city in the distance, though. I’m standing outside a house, looking to be a middle class house of some kind. Another place where there isn’t anyone, and isn’t supposed to be anyone.

But then I realize, there’s someone behind me. I turn around quickly, and then I freeze. It’s Liz Buckley, one of my best friends. Makes sense since she’s from here, but how can I move from place to place this fast? Isn’t everyone dead? And what did father mean when he asked me how I know I’m alive.

“So, you came…” Liz says, as she watches me a bit carefully. I nod and offer a bit of a smile. “I did, although if you’ll forgive me, I’ll have to say that it’s not one of my favorite vacation places.” She frowns as she hears that, shaking her head a bit. “Oh Sam. Always having to make those jokes. But at some point, you’ve made your last one.”
And then I see it. She’s got a pistol in her hand, and she’s raising it as she steps closer to me. I try to back away, but I just can’t. As she approaches, starting to aim the pistol for my head, I see the desperation in her eyes.

“I’m sorry, Sammy,” she whispers, just as she pulls the trigger, and everything fades again. Then there are a few moments where I can see myself having fallen during the events when the Cylons attacked. I also see myself in a bed in sickbay, very briefly. And there’s voices. Voices all around me, but I can only hear them as noise in the background, no matter how hard I try to listen.

Blackness, and then I see a bear coming for me. Blackness and I watch the animal from the position of someone being thrown back by it. More blackness and I see myself slumped over the steering wheel of a vehicle, then I notice I’m falling. And then a flash of white light, while I try to scream, but nothing comes out…

And then, I awaken…

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