Memoir: Righteous Indignation


I can not believe what I have just heard while passing by a group of Naval types on my way to get something to eat. Apparently the command of the Cerberus has seen fit to treat the civilians as nothing more than chattel, making them live in sub-standard conditions not unlike the slaves who were kept in the cargo holds of old sailing vessels after they were ripped from their homes.

This is wholly unacceptable! No one asked for anything more than safety yet they're being treated as…I don't know. Suspect? Do they think some of those who were brought here had something to do with it? With the mass murder and horrendous acts of terrorism we were all witnessed to? Even if that's true it's wrong to keep them in conditions we wouldn't consider fit for dogs. I do believe I'll be looking into this all and talking to Command. Winnie will have to forgive me for going over her head.


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