Memoir: Memo To Self


As things progress I'm finding myself meeting members of the crew who appear to hold me in some form of distrust or disbelief or something equally bothersome. It is as if they are looking at me as some form of outsider who is plotting their mass demise. Amusing, to some degree, but at the same time it's a bit…I don't know how to put it. Sad? Disheartening? Of course it doesn't really matter as, speaking bigger picture wise, I'm here to do a job and not to make friends, something I'll keep at the front of my mind.

Speaking of my job, I've been formulating a list of sorts, trying to figure out who I need to talk to once the fact finding can get fully underway. I figure the TACCO might be a good person to start with although I am not certain as to if he can give exact numbers which will of course impede me on my 'mission' but he might, at the very least, be able to point me to those of the crew who can. The CO and XO are also logical choices but I have a sinking feeling any attempts at trying to extract information from them will be met with some form of resistance.

Reminder: Got to send Winnie a communication. Want to let her know how everything is going and let her know of the trepidation that's being felt by myself along with the crew. Hopefully my angel will be able to give me some insight and advice on how to make this easier for everyone as a whole.


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