Memoir: Letter To Winnie


Dear Winnie,

I've been without your company for entirely too long, Winnie, so thought I'd send this to you. Hopefully they'll let this go through without too much trouble. Damnable 'military protocol'. I've mentioned to you how much I hate it, haven't I? Yes, well, it's still true.

I've been slowly meeting the crew members of the Cerberus. It's amusing to see their reaction to me once they learn why I am here and yet, at the same time, it's a bit bothersome as well. They act as if I am some great, three-headed beast which, while would be appropriate when aboard a ship named the Cerberus, it's anything but true…isn't it? I think they hear the phrase 'fact finding' and automatically assume we're looking to have the ship decommissioned before it can even get out of dry lock; I'd love to reassure them that would be only in a last-ditch effort and that it'd take over-spending of monstrous proportions for us to even consider that as an option but I think it'll just be for the best to let them discover that for their own. Maybe I'll stop being treated as a frakking outsider then.

The Quorum would be please to know that those in command of the ship seem to be on the ball. They announced a few days ago that there is to be no drinking aboard the ship. While I can understand this kind of ruling for the crew it has been extended to us visitors as well, something I do not understand in the least. Makes me fearful - you see, Winnie, I had brought aboard a bottle of that wonderful Ambrosia we found on our last trip to Caprica but I do not dare bring it out. Not worth possible arrest for a moment's pleasure. All I can say is that if they try to ban smoking I'm leaving. Seriously.

Will be in need of more supplies soon, mostly office-type stuff. Please let Richard know. Also let him know I'll be needing more fumarello and have him bring several boxes. He knows which brand I like…tack it on as a business expense.

I should go for now. Got more people to meet and such. Do take care of yourself, Winnie.


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