Memoir: Letter to Richard


Richard -

The boxes you sent arrived today, marking the fact that mail sent to the ship while it's deployed gets to the personnel at a surprisingly timely manner. The bottles of Ambrosia will be stowed safely away until the time the ban's lifted or, at the 'worst', we'll have enough in stock for when I return. Perhaps a party will be in order, yes?

I have been meeting some of the crew. Winnie might have mentioned such to you. The majority of them seem to be around mid-20s in age, intelligent men and those who are particularly handsome. The women are also rather soft on the eyes. Makes me wonder if they recruit only those who can double as Fleet poster children. All the eye candy can be frakking distacting.

Back to the men I met, two in particular have been particularly welcoming. One is a PA (Physician's Assistant) and the other is a pilot of some kind. Believe a Raptor pilot. It is a bit difficult to say for sure as the conversation was flowing pretty fast. But yes. These two men have made me feel very welcome as has some of the others I met. Not quite in their circle but I am in it enough to feel wanted.

On to work, the kid I am escorting is such a frakking pain in my ass. I get that he's terminally ill but for gods' sake, who shoved the Battlestar up his ass? Kid has a mouth on him that would make a Marine proud and a chip on his shoulder that is large. Impressively so, considering he's only eleven or so. I'm trying to shrug off his attitude for the sake of his mother, however. She has more important things to worry about.

I am going to wrap this up here, Richard. Do take care. And don't forget to tell your mum thank you for the cookies she had you ship out with the other stuff. They will be relished.


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