Memoir: Contests and Meetings


With the Cerberus under way I was finally able to get my fact-finding began in earnest. Had my first meeting with the XO, Alec Sarkis, who was willing to comply with our wishes for cooperation. We talked a bit over some Ambrosia before I was given the proper form; now all I need to go is get with Support and get the required paperwork copied for our own records. Hopefully what the Colonel said is correct and we won't find any indication of over-spending otherwise there will have to be corners cut.

It has been a few days since the winner of Winnie's 'Draw A Battlestar' contest arrived although he's been infirmed almost the entire time. Thankfully his mother has the resources to make sure he can recover here, that fact along with how he has a quiet room to rest in surely enough to help John get his strength back.

As much as I understand this all from a PR perspective I got to wonder about the morality of having an ill child aboard the ship. Not that I'll say as such to Winnie. In the long run I guess it isn't a big deal, really but even then, I'm concerned. Thankfully the ship is in possession of quality medical staff and equipment so that's one last thing I got to be concerned about. All I got to do is make sure the kid and his mother are kept happy.


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