Memoir: Attacked


I don't understand what had happened last night. So much chaos. So much much…I don't know. I really can't remember what happened to us. At first we were laughing and enjoying a show put on by the Viper pilots and then there were attacks and we were all rushed off. Winnie. My poor angel was so scared. I wished I could have done better to comfort her but I couldn't do more than get her to safety.

We have heard little in the way of news since last night. I believe Picon had been bombed but can't say for certain. In situations like this it's hard to filter rumor from fact; doubt facts will be very forthcoming for a while. Need-to-know and all that. Hopefully Winnie can pull strings and get us some information, soon.

We lost Richard somehow. He's gone. Not sure what happened. He was with us one moment and then he disappeared. I'll ask command for help once the frakking shit stops hitting the fan. Hopefully we'll find him soon. My poor Man Friday.


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