Memoir: Pillow Talk
NSFW Warning
While not a TS scene, it alludes explicitly to intimacy that happened 'offscreen'. Reader discretion is advised for adult language and content.

Flashback Scene
Battlestar Volans, 2037 AE

A good hard frak. That's what Pallas wanted; that's what Pallas got. No need to involve any kind of emotions or attachment, right? It's just two people knowing what they want and getting it from one another, as simple as that. He sits up in Andrea's bunk with his back against the wall, lighting up a smoke. There are still signs of their coupling on him: sweat on his body and slightly labored breathing, amongst other things. He watches Andrea as he smokes, saying nothing. One might think that Pallas would be cold, cruel, and selfish in bed, given his usual demeanor - but he's… intense. Forceful, yes, but not hurtful. Verbally silent but expressive with his body language. And he makes sure that his partner gets what she wants as well.

Andrea is still laying there, a small smile on her face as she lounges. Hearing Pallas light up, she opens her eyes, then puts her hands behind her head and smiles up at him. No words, not yet. She's still enjoying her post-frak glow.

Pallas is in his glow mode as well, though it's hard to see. There's a slight heaviness to his eyelids, a relaxation in his shoulders, and the sharp look in his eyes have given way to a softer kind of gaze. A puff of smoke pours out from his nostrils when he snorts. "I haven't seen you look that satisfied since…" He tries to think of something, but fails and shrugs. "I don't think I've ever seen you look that satisfied."

Andrea laughs softly. "Well, that may be because no man has ever pleasured me like you just did." She cranes her neck a bit to look back up at him. "Or, it's possible that I have never crawled into your bunk after frakking another guy. May just be one of those mysteries, I guess."

Pallas snorts again. "Right," he drawls, the sarcastic voice seeping through once more. "If I'm the best you've had since you got to this ship, Hosedown, then you haven't been getting hosed down enough." He reaches across her to ash his cigarette onto the floor. Pallas, being considerate and not ashing into her bed? Maybe he does turn into a different kind of person altogether when he's sexed up.

Andrea rolls over to get a better look at Pallas. "Nah, it's the self-loathing that makes you brilliant in the rack." Her smile is only a little evil. "Dunno if I should be honored that you're still here. By the way you tell it, usually you're at least two FTL jumps away by now."

"Well, self-denigration does no good if you don't have the self-loathing to back it up," Pallas responds. "Besides, it's not like I can ditch you while you're asleep and never see you again like I do with most women." But he seems to take her comment as a hint, and starts spider-crawling his way over her to head back to his own bunk.

"Nuh-uh." Andrea pushes him back against the bunk. "I am comfy now. Comfy trumps whatever reason you currently have to get up." She looks up at him. "You ARE good, you know. Must come with all the experience."

"Of course I'm good," Pallas replies. He says it like she's just pointed out the most obvious thing in the universe. "What, did you think I'd be some limp-dicked twat-tickler who'd blow his load just from tasting your nipples and then fall asleep?" He settles back into the tiny bed which is barely big enough for one. This time, he's sitting back against the pillow, beside Andrea, so he can stretch out his legs.

"You'd be surprised. I've been told that my nipples are quite delicious." Andrea rolls up a bit, resting her head against him. "So, what's my line for this part? I love you and want you to stay and make babies? That about right?"

Pallas stiffens up when she rests her head against him, but relaxes a few seconds later. "Why bother with the bullshit?" he asks. He sinks a littler farther down into the bed, his shoulder coming to rest just above her head. "You know me too well to even start to pretend to get attached to me. And as for me, well, I don't even need to finish that sentence."

"I promised you a frak. Didn't want you to think that I was giving you any less than the full experience." She cuddles in a bit more. "It is sort of nice to have this with someone who I know won't think he holds the keys to my pants from here on out."

Pallas shifts uncomfortably when she cuddles in. Not because he doesn't cuddle or is against it, but because they're right in the bunks, and he's wary of the other pilots. "If your pants require a key, you've got bigger frakkin' problems than me," he mutters. "And what's nice to have a what with who? I thought this was a one-time thing."

"That's what I'm talking about." Andrea says with a smile. "Guys never expect a girl to want a one-nighter. So when they want more, they're always pissed when I don't. I've even been told that I don't understand what I'm really feeling." She shrugs. "It's nice to have the frak without worrying that you're gonna get possesive."

"Right. Because it's the guys that get clingy," Pallas says, rolling his eyes. "It's about time you stopped frakking boys and started experiencing men. Life is a lot frakking simpler." The cigarette gets flicked out of the bunk, landing underneath the bunk across from them. Hopefully, there's nothing flammable down there. "Being possessive is a waste of time. Human beings weren't meant to pair up like that. Men weren't, anyhow."

"Oh, is that so? Seen enough of those pairings to know the truth, have you?" She smiles. "Ah, frak it. I'd argue with you but then you'd just worry that I'm getting clingy. You're right. Just cuddle a bit longer and then we can argue and be bitter like usual, ok?"

Pallas grumbles something incoherent and actually puts his arm around Andrea's bare shoulders. Of course, he works in a grope as well. "What's the etiquette these days, anyway?" he asks. "I'm pretty sure that I'm allowed to veto at least one argument due to the fact that you've had my cock down your throat."

A moment later, Andrea has him in her hands. You know, she has his full attention. "Only if I get two vetos in return for that 'accidental' anal. We've talked about that shit enough for you to know that I have only two holes you're welcome in."

Pallas raises his eyebrows and gives her a bemused look. "Granted. If only to see you try to veto me in front of others, quoting 'accidental anal' as the reason." Of course, the way that he puts quotes around 'accidental' in his speech clearly denotes there was no accident involved. "I don't know what frakking backwoods farm you grew up on that you think that's off-limits, though."

"And I don't know what kind of whorehouse YOU grew up in to give you the idea that it was a good idea. Anal is for guys whose dicks are too small to get off in a vagina." She teases with her hand a bit before bringing it back out of the covers to rest on his chest. "And I now know first hand that isn't your problem."

"In my mother's whorehouse," Pallas replies blandly. He's being dead serious - he grew up in the whorehouse that his mother lived in, on Aquaria. "Nice place. Lots of anal. Terrible decor." With a slow sigh of relaxation, he slides down the rest of the way until he's lying on his back beside her. "If this is what you consider pillow-talk, compliment to my size notwithstanding, I marvel that you get any at all."

"I know. You've been drunk enough to tell me on numerous occasions. And pillow talk changes according to pillow partner." She rests her head on his chest. "Seems good for you. Beats the usual bullshit guys normally want to talk about." She gives his chest a bit of a kiss. "Still an hour before the CAP gets back, you know…"

Pallas runs his hand down her side, tracing her curves. "Is this you being clingy or just being a slut?" he asks, turning his body to face toward her. And as much as a question like that may break the mood completely, there is a hunger behind those heavy-lidded eyes. Lust. He's had a taste of her, and he wouldn't mind a second course.

Andrea just laughs as she shakes her head. "Which answer gets me frakked again? It's that one. It's still a one time deal if you haven't left the bed yet."

"You're the one who blocked me from leaving your bed," Pallas points out. Not that he's complaining or anything. "Keep it up and at this pace, I'll make sure you won't be able to walk tomorrow," he says, throwing the sheets off the bunk and pulling her in close with the hand that was previously resting on her now-exposed behind.

"Promises, Promises. You men are all talk, sometimes." Pushing herself up over him, Andrea gets ready for the next round and smiles. "In any case, nice to see you smiling again. Or at least, your closest equivalent…"

"Oh, I was smiling when I was probing your brown-eyed Cyclops," Pallas says with a slowly-spreading smirk. "You just couldn't see it with the face you were making." He lays back down again, letting Andrea push on top. It's a better view this way anyway. "If you're gonna ride me again, try not to queef so much this time. It really detracts from the whole experience."

"You're gonna pay for that, but you'll probably enjoy it," Andrea says, getting into the motion. "Oh well, if I'm gonna frak you, might as well do it properly…"

~ fade ~

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