Memoir: A souvenir

A plain envelope, with the name "KAL TRASK" scribbled on its cover was found stowed in Bannik's effects somewhere as he was returned on the Raptor McQueen "Liberated".

Inside is a…photo. Presumably for Trask's adult entertainment stockpile. It looks like it is in a dark and smoky bar. There's nobody behind the bar itself that one can tell, and it's dimly lit.

In /front/ of the bar, however, are two long haired, naked Elevens each clasping the arm of one individual who matches the description of Allan Rejn, only slightly younger looking (but still portly, yo). The Rejn-One figure is holding a bottle of booze and is wearing nothing but a cowboy hat and cowboy boots.

On the back of the picture is a scribbled note:

Just tryin' to broaden your horizons! Don't worry. There are no Ones on Gemenon.


There may be no Ones on Gemenon, but even if this is true, looks like the damage is already done. There are things you just can't unsee.

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