Memoir: Letter to Holden


Sorry for not writing sooner, but things have been pretty crazy around here with all of the war games and so forth. The Cerberus is absolutely amazing, Dad. It's everything I told you about and more. Looking forward to getting you aboard on Picon on Commish Day just as soon as possible. You've got to see this ship to believe it. The polticos can say what they want about how much she cost, but this ship's worth every coin and cubit. Have yet to meet the CO or XO, and that's not so bad a thing, to my mind. Avoid the brass, avoid trouble, as you say.

So what's life like for an active duty ECO in the Colonial Fleet? Answer, WORK, and lots of it. Our CAG seems like she's got the stuff to make it count if it gets heavy, people-wise, but the lady doesn't pull any punches. She wants this Air Group stood up NOW and isn't going to take no for an answer. Morning Call's at 05:30, and the rest of the day's either CAP flights, simulator time, studying or any combo of the above. The easiest part about it all is racking out.

Sounds like I'm carping but I'm not! I've never worked so hard to have so much fun in my life! We've got a great Air Wing and Deck Crew here. Everyone's pretty much on the same high-altitude cloud as me, so there's not a lot of real people problems. Sure, there's always a few folks who aren't going to get along, but that seems the exception, not the rule. There are a whole lot of great people I want to introduce you to if we can make the rendezvous on Picon for the ceremony. Looking into means to get you here that won't bankrupt us both. Will advise soonest.

In other news, I have been granted a call sign. I am now, officially, Marko Aemillius “Flasher” Scaurus. No, Dad, I did not show my junk to an opposing pyramid team. You are just never letting go of that one, are you? Did try to partially blind a pair of hot stick Viper jocks with signal beacons during a game. Didn't quite work, but it got their attention. CAG seemed pleased. So far, so good.

So how are you holding up, Cranky Old man? Said, of course, with love, you Cranky Old Man., said with love. The last letter I got from the Rierson's said you put the house on the market. Hope it sells for what you're asking for. It was a good little house….what happened there, well…not so much.

Gods, but I miss Mom, never thought I'd say that, but I do. They served toast n' hash in the galley the other night for supper and it really got me thinking about her. Remember how she'd come home from the Temple and make that for us? You'll be amused to note that the galley cooks here's version of it is just as bad as hers.

I know I said I wouldn't push this, but I found a Temple/Clinic of Eos on Virgon that has a 90 day rehab program. The info I'm getting says it's first rate and it's got a really good reputation. No weird faith-healing or anything like that. Every one on staff is Ministry certified. If you'll let me enroll you as a dependent, FleetCare will cover some of the cost. Don't worry about the rest, I've got some moves I can make. I just want you well, you Cranky Old Man. I can't tell you what to do, but we've both lost enough. Time for something good to come out of all of this, don't you think?

Anyhow, that's enough pulling of the heart strings for one letter. Just promise me you'll take a look at the brochure and think about it. Will let you know as soon as I can about arrangements to get you to Picon for the ceremony, it wouldn't be right without you here. Mom wouldn't be happy if you missed it either, the son prods shamelessly.

Be well,

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