Memoir: Cerberus FTL is tricky

Written Carefully in Marcion's personal log.

Day number… unimportant. Bosses want to leave dock soon, can't blame them. E-Class FTL Drive nearly up and ready. Recommended renaming whole thing… Charon Drive seemed appropriate… no one seemed to pay attention. E-Class too normal, to clinical, too close to D-Class. Has as much in common with D-class as a Viper has to do with a biplane. Obvious exaggeration, probably why they ignored me. Still useful.

Calibrations continue, very, very important. New drive, new safety protocols, most still unknown. FTL Bubble must be perfectly aligned or might sheer off shiny armor, cause minor fission, destroy drydocks. Annoy a few Admirals, toast a few ensigns. Good way to get assigned to calibrating Raptor FTL for the rest of my life. Still working.

Calibrations tricky though. Hard to Calibrate something that has never been used before. D-class gives closest guess but between FTL Bubble alignment and proper navigation there are more variables than at a Sorority party with Aquarian Rum. Seems like fun… likely to leave you running around without pants.

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