Memoir: Dear Dad

(Written down on a piece of paper and tucked away somewhere.)

Dear Dad…

I know I should probably have written sooner, and for that I apologize.

Still keeping safe and relatively sane, at least as sane as can be, under circumstances like these. Once in a while, doing something crazy is needed, though. Otherwise, it'll be like something building up too much steam, and exploding.

When it comes to work-related stuff, things are good, although there's still much room for improvement. Been a little change of people aboard the ship, of course, but that mostly concerns people leaving us. Always by circumstances that are not of their own free will, but that's something quite natural given the mess we, as a cultural and biological group, have gotten into. I'm fortunate to have some of the best people to work with there is at this point in time, and for that I'm quite grateful.

And yes, I know that this letter almost certainly never will reach you, but it still feels important to me to have written it, and I hope against all hope that you will be able to read it one day, although that's highly unlikely, if not impossible.

Say hello to the rest of the family from me.


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