Memoir: Committed Now to Memory

(The following comes from Madilyn's personal journal, a well-worn and well-kept leather-bound affair. The entry starts on a fresh page, and is written in a steady, neat hand.)

Olivia, Aged 6

(A picture is inserted into the journal at this point, a small wallet-sized photograph. The Olivia mentioned above is a slight girl of 6-years old. She is skinny and wears her hair to about her shoulders. Pictured with her mother on the quad of Caprica University, the two appear to be enjoying the festivities held during one of the campus events. The resemblance isn't striking, but it's clear that she inherited the blonde from her mother. The two are smiling and holding up differently-colored puffs of cotton candy. The weather is clearly warm, as they both are wearing short sleeves and pants.)

Committed now to memory, the image of my daughter.
Whatever fate, whatever afterlife is now hers, I elect this image to remind me of the perpetually-happy and exuberant child whom I was blessed to raised.

Stoic though I seek to remain among the crew, I can't help but think of her recently. With the arrival of new civilians, including an infant, I'm forced to imagine who and what she may have grown to become.

- Scientist?
- Doctor?
- Artist?
- Musician?

(The rest of the page is intentionally left blank, with additional bullets waiting to be filled in.)

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