Memoir: Leonis, Day 1

Handwritten in a small notebook emblazoned with the insignia of CFAS Anadyomene.

May 8, 2041.

Acting CO's log, Leonis expedition.

First crack at breaching the door gave us away. Enemy did a flyover and pinged the stolen IFF. It went into overdrive. Suppose it confirmed everything they needed to know. Can't tell for sure. The first missile strike took out Eidolon's engines; then the ground troops landed. We got all but one of them. Not that it matters. They did what they came to do, and they'll be back.

Our transport has been disabled. Stores are almost entirely gone. Gunship Raptor destroyed. One of the other Raptors jumped in to help during the fight; went down. No word from Calvin's team. Only one Viper down, which I suppose is good. And only a few serious casualties. Barto, Quinn. Toasters go for rank, I reckon.

Still taking stock of the situation, but we can't stay here long. I can see a forest on the horizon - should give us cover from aerial surveillance. Make our way to the city eventually, try and scare up some provisions. Eventually, I reckon we ought to try and link up with Calvin and his team. If they still have a Raptor up, we can get into atmo and let off a burst, update Cerberus on our situation.

Tillman's gonna have my frakkin' hide.

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