Memoir: Sobriety

…from the pages of Captain Khloe "Poppy" Vakos' journal…

It has been 20 years, three months, five days since my last overdose.
…20 years, three months, four days since I have been clean of morpha.
…9 years, ten months, thirteen days since I have sobered of alcohol.
…6 years, give or take, since I have last eaten meat.

I give myself purpose through service, by giving to those that cannot do for themselves.
…for those whose only outlet for grief is to turn to substance abuse.
…for those who are so empty, they fill the void with a chemical high.
…for those who are full of pain, they numb their souls with a needle.

I numb my pain with exhaustion, knowing I have done everything to make myself a better soldier.
I fill my mind with duty, occupying it so that my addictions will never again gain power over me.
I quash distraction with action, desire with duty, and loneliness with my Battlestar.

Tomorrow, I will wake up, and find a way to be a better me. I will not chase the dragon; the dragon will chase me.

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