Memoir: I Am Not What You Want Me To Be

13 Feb 2042 AE, 1500 hours…

SecHub camera captures Khloe Vakos storming into the berths, dressed in her off-duty greens. She throws what looks like to be a plastic jar and a package of square bandage into her bunk, which clatters with a metallic thump. Not pausing as she stalks by, she heads to her locker, where she throws it open and snatches out what appears to be a photograph. Holding the photograph up and studying it, she retreats slowly to her bunk and sits down on the edge. Anger overcomes her features, and a suddenly furious Poppy tears the photo lengthwise, then again into quarters, and with a snarl crumples the whole mess up and flings it strewn across the berths floor.

For a few long moments, Khloe sits at her bunk, her hands buried in her face. Her body shakes on occasion as if wracked by a sob.

Then, the Captain stands up, collects the crumpled pieces of the photograph, and begins the painstaking process of flattening out the pieces and taping it back together.


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