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New Findings on the Cult of Zeus Tauros in Knossos

G. Diomed Karthasi, ThD


In this paper I report upon the findings pertaining to the underground cult site discovered beneath the Archaeotheological Museum of Knossos. The theories of solar-ouranic aporeitic monotheism which others have attempted to apply to Taurian Zeus worship have been proven by and large correct by a shrine in which Zeus Tauros is being slain by a Mithraic figure in standard tauochthonous posture. Zeus Tauros (Zeus the Bull) is slain much after the fashion of his son the bull-horned Dionysus, sacrificed for his people and risen again, the incarnate force of regency and entropy, the two forces required for the constructin of a monotheistic deity. Although the identification of the crow's-beak implement by which the Seventh-Day Titan was purported to be slain has proved detrimental to several groundbreaking projects on Taurian monotheism (Tyler 1998, Abrams 2017, Dreanolos 2020, e.g.), the knife discovered on the site has easily put all such questions to rest.

Peace be with the souls of those who have gone before me, and may this work be a legacy to their honor.

The full paper is 62 pages long with extensive footnotes. There are some errors, as the paper is still in draft form, and the paper itself would probably lose most people who don't have Theology at at least 3 or 4 by the third page, as Greje has, for whatever reason, written it as if for publication in a journal.

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