Memoir: What If... #45

"What if…" Possibility #45:

I could have attended the university on Scorpia. Had I done so, I would have obtained my degree work while still living at home. I would have worked closely with friends of my father— I would have attended gala dinners with my mother, perhaps with a friend's son or young graduate student who I would have considered for marriage and my own family. I would have perhaps done doctoral work at the Shipyards. I would not have done any work with the Monarch Project, but I would have done other satisfying projects.

I would have still obtained a position at the Shipyards. Perhaps it would have been in Research and Development, perhaps it would have been under the guidance of Maintenance Teams.

This would have all been achieved no more than four months before the Attack. I would have never had to take that transport to Picon— or would I have? What if they needed me to go to Caprica instead of returning home from it? Would we have still refueled on Picon at the same time? Maybe we would have arrived just late enough to be one of those destroyed after the initial blast.

Or maybe I would have been with my mother and my father, in our kitchen, in our house that sits above the canopies, with dinner on the table and my father's favorite record playing. Maybe I would have seen the fires begin… maybe I would have clutched to them both before we, like so many others, died.

The probability of this possibility: 13,564,9890 to 1.

Considerations for next possibility: What if I had taken the position offered on Caprica?

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