Memoir: Team Photo

A new addition to Coll's bunk isn't hard to miss. Its normally pretty barren. However, a picture went up and it hangs prominently in the center of her space. The edges of it are clipped in traditional Colonial Fleet manner but there is writing across the bottom and edges. It actually looks like position information and the timestamp on it is unmistakable. The photo was taken from the recon package on board a Raptor - which would explain the odd upward angle at which the photo was taken.

Taken sometime around sunrise, the light outside the bunker doors can be seen to begin its glow in the distant sky. To the forefront of the photo are six individuals in flightsuits in a very rough pose that looks like it was more cobbled together than planned in advance. Behind them, lines of Vipers stand ready with their cockpits open and ladders hooked. The glow reflected off the ejection seats and canopy glass indicates that the fighters are lit and powered. Against the wall, there are stacks of yellow and orange – the detail of what the rows are made-of is unclear, though. The floor of the hangar looks clear but smeared with something in a few places. The only debris is what looks like a small rubble fighting position just outside the hangar doors. On the inside of the bunker doors, just to the side and behind the crew, written in bright red contrast to the white concrete is the word ‘ANADYOMENE’.

Standing together on the left side of center is a woman, a younger man, and another woman about thirty years old. All of them look like the walking dead with how tired they are, their eyes devoid of emotion or life. Left to right: PO3 Cambell, SPC Peters, and CMN Coll – who is wearing flight qualification pins. Peters looks like his face has been singed repeatedly, his flightsuit unzipped and tied around his stomach. There’s cuts on his arms mixed in with the burns. Cambell and Coll both have their flightsuits zipped and they look like a mess. There is something black and red, apparently sticky, all over the front of their suits. Under all their arms are flight helmets, the other two holding rifles slung over their shoulders. Coll’s rifle is slung across her chest and in each hand, dangling from their gold chains, are what looks like upwards of three to five dozen dogtags, her chin lifted ever so slightly.

The three on the right all carry assault rifles and sidearms holstered in textbook marine manner. The armaments are all that is standard marine issue about the three however, clad as they are in badly abused flight suits, loose to the waist and tank tops under dogtags. From left to right, CPL Constin, LCPL Maragos, and PFC Jenkins. Constin shows a few gauze patches over minor nicks, rifle slung across his chest, his face set in a stern, neutral stare at the camera. Maragos has mustered a broad smile, rifle held at a jaunty upward angle from its butt set on his hip, while Jenkins carries his rifle on the back, support strap crossing his chest and flight helmet dangling from his fingers. The youngest of the three was giving Maragos a skeptical look as the camera caught him.

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