Memoir: Gotta Hide


After reviewing the evidence and statements brought forth re: Dereliction of Duty re: SPC Coll, I have made the following points.

1. MP-CPL Constin specifically made mention that the SPC Coll's claims of blackmail were still being investigated. Given the nature of MP investigations, this is a strong point in SPC's favour.

2. Much of the mistrust in SPC Coll's abilities, or disbelief in her service jacket, can be easily put to the test without any risk to fellow crewmates via simulation flights. I strongly recommend this be done as soon as possible. The fewer avenues for paranoia on this ship, the better for everyone.

3. SPC Coll comes across as intensely forthright and driven. There were neither hesitations or uncertainties in her responses.

This said, it cannot, and should not, be allowed that her actions go unpunished. However tragic a mistake it was, her actions lead to the sabotage and destruction of the Raptor and its crew.

I recommend a demotion from SPC to CN and a denial of Deck access during off-duty hours until such time the Deck Chief deems her trustworthy and competent of unmonitored access.

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