Memoir: Start of a Second Chance

scrawled in a personal journal

Finally out. 2 months this time. Complete with transfer to a new ship and all. Lucky me? Gave me a cute new label too.

This frakkin' ship is a monstrosity though. Even the brig here makes the other places I've been look like shitholes.

Met the new Chief; seems to be alright. Met a few of the other deckies also. Got shot all to frakkin' hell in a MOUT session. Good group, I hope.

Maybe this time, they'll act like they know how to use a godsdamned wrench, and NOT jump in my shit. I'm sick and tired of chauvinistic deckies who think they know all this shit better than some bitch from Scorpia. I went through the same damn training.

We'll see how this plays out, but I'm not afraid to put my boot in another ass if these folks think that I'm some little tart they can walk all over.

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