Memoir: Behold the Machine

Yesterday, I saw my first Cylon up close.

Not a picture. Not a video. Not in a museum. The real frakkin' thing.

Oh gods, the eyes. The clanking. They never stop.
Chased us from one side of the ship to the other. Pouring out of the ship itself.

I shot and shot…no frakkin good. Bullets go right off their armor, but I knew that already.
Didn't think we'd need AP ON BOARD.

Yesterday, I saw my first marine gunned down. Blood for blood.

Why the frak did they stop when he offered? What makes those things tick?

If they respect life, respect religion, why the FRAK are they gunning us down??

Behold the Machine,
tremble at its power.
A blight upon the world,
in our darkest hour.

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