Memoir: Cidra's Prayer Journal, Entry 5

From the journal of Maj. Cidra Hahn, dated 07.17.2041…

LT Rupert Vaillancourt. Val.
LT Marvin Lee. Duke.
LTJG Raleigh Tlazohtzin. Tess.
ENS Kellan Teasdale. Tally.

I thought I would go blind, the light was so bright. Basestar exploding. Everything exploding. I never thought I had it in me to do such.

Perhaps I am just your bitch now, Ares.

Our turn now, the colonel said. Hit them back harder, faster. As if it were just that simple.

What stupid, horrific nonsense.

Are we just instruments of vengeance now? Is that all that is left for me and mine? Fight and fly and die, and all for nothing but to be empty carrion at the end of the worlds.

Frak you, Ares. That I will not be. I do not know what I am now, but they deserve better of me than that.

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