Memoir: Atreus' Log, First Entry

I've had a couple of comments on the piece you sent with me. Thanks again. It is about the only color in the place. I know you said that would make it stand out and it does. You two did a beautiful job with it. But, back to other stuff. You did say you wanted to read this crap, so here goes.

I arrived on the Cerberus to find that the acting Deck Chief before me was not as meticulous as I am. No surprise there. Poor guy had been dual assigned and had limited support from the higher ups. Oh well. Spent the first 10 or so working with the crews to get the Deck back in order. Everything stowed, labeled, and organized the way I like it. Got the leads working with the supply logs so we'll know what we have and what we are running out of. Guess the guy before me didn't impress on them the importance of that. I'm holding my first staff meeting aboard the ship tomorrow. Was going to try for tonight, but we're leaving dry dock and heading to Picon. Don't want to make the crew miss the leave-taking.

Found out the Deck on the Cerberus is going to be three times as busy as on the Hyperion. At least for the time being. It is good in a way, though. It will show me which crew members pull their own weight and which don't. It will also keep me busy enough that I will be too tired to miss you and the kids as much. I'll still miss you like crazy, but it won't be plaguing my mind. You know how it is. Like that art show you are organizing now. Same principle, anyway. Be sure to fill me in on how that goes.

I've met some of my people already. Phiggowitz is a good man, prompt, attentive. He is a good possibility for a second though I'm getting a couple of new PO2s. Might have someone in that batch who will serve. The trouble with that is promoting folk above those who have been here for a while. Luckily, the Cerberus is a new ship, so no one has been here very long. I'm having a staff meeting tomorrow, so will meet more of the crew then. This is the 'Coming to Hephaestus' meeting, love. You know, when I lay down the law and show that I really mean it when I say 'no shenanigans' and 'we /do/ follow military rules on the deck'. Always a joy. Yeah, you can hear the sarcasm, can't you?

Anyway, love. I'm heading out for now. The leave taking will start shortly. I'll write more as I can. See you on Picon, love.

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