Memoir: Song for Leto

Leto, I'm safe now. As safe as anyone can be anymore. I'm sorry I didn't tell you about the pregnancy. I know, I know, I've apologized so many times over the past few months. We had girls. Twins, Leto. They're identical, have your hair, my eyes. I'm onboard the Battlestar Cerberus, and the seven surviving children are with me. I only wish you were with me too.

I let the pilot name one of the twins. Evandreus Doe. He's been so kind to me, Leto. Both of the girls are named after him. They wouldn't be here… and I wouldn't be here if it weren't for him. Of course, then we'd be with you, but I promised you I wouldn't think like that.

The Cylons attacked us, Dearest. Lothair was right, after all. He died three months ago, peacefully, and for that mercy I thank the gods. But not just Aerilon was attacked. All of the colonies. Aquaria… we hit hardest. Oh Leto, even if I could find your body, I would have to leave it where it is. Please forgive me. I can't scatter your ashes over Insley, nor let the petrels fly up with the smoke of the burning. It's all gone.

What I can do is sing for you. I wrote a song for you, Leto. It isn't much… but it's the best I can manage right now. Please know, if you can know anything, how much I love you and will always love you.

I sit beside the sea
And watch the waves go by
As gulls on grey wings fly
And sound their melody

I sit upon the strand
And see the raindrops fall
And listen for a call
Will someone take my hand?

I'll wait forevermore
For you to come to me
We'll live beside the sea
Upon the sunlit shore

Together we will be
And we'll walk hand in hand
And heart to heart we'll stand
And live our melody.

Beyond the endless sea
Where fears are put to rest
In lands forever blessed
Do you still think of me?

Forever and always,

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