Memoir: Part Two of Alexander's Research

- Command Personnel don't seem to appreciate me or trust me.
a.) Signs of Draconian Tendencies in Command?
1.) Possible Positive Outcome - Command Personnel are interested in protecting their own crew.
2.) Possible Negative Outcome - Obsession with insiders vs outsiders as there is heavy reliance on old Spartan Philosophy.

a.) Conclusions? Further research needed - though heavy resistance seems to make research difficult.
1.) Have experience polite 'venom' from Senior Officers.
2.) Seeking support from Command Personnel beyond the XO is doubtful.
3.) Possibly studying lower ranking officers?

- Ensigns and Junior Crew in the Air Wing
a.) Much more acceptance. AMN very amicable and accepting.
1.) Much more laid back. Perhaps this comes from less responsibility?
2.) Ensigns and Junior Officers seem to be more interested in getting their work done than over all command.
3.) Note the energy and enthusiasm of Ensigns.
~ Question: Why does this enthusiasm seem to wear off in Senior Personnel?
b.) Group Reliance among Ensigns and Junior Lieutenants noted.
1.) Is this to increase the group dynamic?
2.) Is this motivated out of a fear response to reprimands from command?

a.) Conclusions? Continued research on Ensigns and Junior Officers is needed.

Random Notes:

- Contractors have apparently cut corners creating fires in a certain location on the ship. Spend time in the bathroom briefly in case of fire.
- Medical Staff seems very professional - however some resistance was met from medical to my presence as an officer, surprising but not completely unexpected.
- Engineering seems interesting - especially - SSE.

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