Memoir: Research Journal Entry One

So far I have only spoken to my sister and a reporter and so I have no information regarding the men and women of the fleet at this time. However, I have been able to look around the common areas of the ship and I have determined that there needs to be a strong sense of community in regards to day to day living. Bathrooms are shared as are all common areas. Perhaps this is to create a stronger esprit de corps or perhaps it is the nature of having so many people on a vessel such as this. From what I have seen of the common areas they are used often and people are coming and going in blurs of green and blue missing pins. I still remember the rank structure from Behind Enemy Lines. It would also seem that there is a certain amount of compartmentalization, however, this is just my initial scan around what I have seen in my very brief time here so far. I should also point out that beyond one Ms. Sawyer Averies I have not met any of the other QUODEL members yet but I am sure that will change soon enough.

Addendum: I met an unnamed Chief in the Chapel today and she had no idea who I was nor did she trust actors. She did point out that there was no privacy on a ship like the Cerberus, this is a feeling I already understand well. Though she also pointed out that trust on a ship like this must be earned and not given. It would seem that people here must work extremely closely together, perhaps like the way a crew works on a movie set, though this will require more research. She also stressed the importance of learning how to fight fires in order to keep structural integrity in tact during combat situations.

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