Memoir: Mutiny

June 11, 2041

It's been over a week since the Admiral…Abbot was remove from command of the Cerberus and I'm not sure what's happening, now. I haven't dared to go without my firearm - thankfully I can go without sleeping with it on now, thank gods - and I always feel like I'm being watched. It's all something I expected but even then, it's rather paranoia-inducing to feel this way. Guess we'll be keeping ourselves armed for the foreseeable future, just in case.

I understand that, by definition of the word, we've committed mutiny but is it truly mutiny when it's done for the protection of a ship and her crew? I know that is what at least one person thinks we are traitors which makes all of this more…emotionally complicated for me. Was I expecting the crew to be appreciative and grateful? No, not at all. I didn't do it for the thanks but even then, knowing our intentions are going misunderstood is disheartening and frustrating. Maybe they'll understand someday but until then I'll keep walking the corridors of the ship, expecting to find a knife put between my shoulders at some point. Not the best of outlooks to have but maybe it'll keep me aware of my surroundings enough to keep me alive, just in case.

As of now, the new CO is an unknown entity to me, something I need to remedy. Hate not knowing anything about the person who is in charge. Hopefully will be able to meet them soon and glean some kind of vibe if only for my own peace of mind.

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