Memoir: Missiles Away


Last night's game went pretty well. There was a lot of chaos that we had to wade through but I think we did alright. But, like in 99.99% things, there is always room for improvement.

As a team we worked well together although it took us a while to coordinate our efforts at one point. It could have been the fact that one of the ships had sneaked in a surprise on us and we were forced to scramble to adjust but once we could group up it all went a bit better. It was a win for us at the end, barely, but a W is a W, as my old coach used to say.

On to 'me things' - I guess it is out of the bag as far as someā€¦feelings I've been having goes. Trask picked up on it, and even went as far as to be an insulting frakker by saying he could tell because I smell like I go into heat when I see Lasher, the ass, as has Jayden, probably a lot more people too. Makes me worried. Does he know? And if so, just how does he feel? This is frustrating. Really frustrating.

I'm slowly learning to not ask pilots for advice on things of an inter-personal nature. Was talking to Halo about everything and he just wound up making it worse by adding to my confusion. Sure, he meant well and the advice wasn't exactly unsolicited as I did ask him what he thought I should do, but he kind of tried to treat it as a military ops, not something of an emotional level. I guess I should just stop being an ass and try to deal with this in my way. Or at least try to. Get the feeling my non-social tendencies might make this difficult for me. :(


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