Memoir: Last Will and Testament

(A small note has been written up and left with the XO of the Cerberus, it dated several days prior to the mission)

I know this isn't a legally binding will but I wanted to leave this for if I don't make it back.

It seems odd to be writing a will when I'm not even thirty-one years of age but I think that I should be prepared. Would rather have someone know what belongings of mine I'd like to go to whom instead of it being packed up in a box and left in some storage locker or whatever.

To Captain Laskaris, I bequeath my Picon Panthers jersey along with my prized pyramid ball. I regret our never having gotten around to playing a game of Pyramid together. Hope the jersey and ball reminds him of better days and stuff like that.

To Lieutenant Ekonomo, I bequeath my journal. Not sure what he'll take away from it but it has some entries I've written that he might like to read along with other little tidbits from my past. Oh. He can have his pillow back, too.

To Major Tillman, I'd like for him to have the box of photos I've shown him. I am sorry I won't be around for anymore of our late night talks, Clive. Thanks for everything.

And to everyone else, I've got some stuff in my locker that might be of some kind of importance to someone so feel free to disperse as you guys see fit.

Take care of each other for me, guys. May the gods watch your six, help you fly straight and your weapons fire true.

Much love,

(OOC - Alessandra would undoubtedly have small knick nacks and little bits of this and that stowed in her locker and in storage so feel free to claim something ICly if you would like to.)

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