Memoir: Gah


I don't get men. Seriously. It's like they're some kind of alien and they're no less confusing than they claim us women are, let me say that. Ha! Frak that. They're more so! And they're annoying frakkers, too.

An example of the latter is Halo. Gods, I swear he flaunts his ego like some men do their penises and doesn't even have the common sense to be ashamed or apologetic when called out on it. I guess it's all part and parcel to being a 'typical' pilot but it doesn't make it any less frustrating to deal with him when he's like that. Nice guy when he isn't busy being an egomaniac which makes him alright to be around otherwise.

Then there is Anton. He is another source of frustration for me but that's not his fault. I just can't read him but that could just be what happens when you get one person who isn't the most open with their emotions - me - in social situations with another person who seems to be the same way. I just can't pick up on -any- kind of clue or hint from him as to how he feels, especially how he feels about me. I should just grow a pair and ask him but am too scared that he'll laugh at me or, worse yet, shun me. Gah. I'm too old to feel like a scared, nervous school girl but that's how he makes me feel, among other things.

Maybe I should just throw the towel in and start worshipping a god or goddess who encourages staying single until you dieā€¦bleh, men.


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