Memoir: Dear Captain

<a letter has been written and left on Captain Laskaris' pillow, it sealed in an envelope which has his name written in black ink on its front along with the warning 'DO NOT TOUCH OR YOU WILL DIE!!', each boldly-written word underlined not once but three times>

June 15, 2041

Dear Captain,

Since you've been gone I've tried to help where I could, that being primarily in aiding the CAG with training of our rooks and Major Tillman when it came time to move into action against Admiral Abbot based on the evidence I brought to the XO when I was returned to the Cerberus along with Captain Quinn. Both efforts have been successful in one way or another, both then swiftly followed up with assisting in the volunteering for and planning of a HALO jump and following recovery of the Vipers we found at the air base when we first landed upon Leonis. The only thing I haven't been brave enough to attempt is trying to tackle the mountain of paperwork that's surely heaped into mountainous proportions upon your desk by now. Not sure what I could possibly do without being officially named temporary SL in your absence, anyhow, but I'm sure there would be enough left I could do to keep myself busy for quite some time.

To wrap up what might be an overly-lengthy letter if I don't do so now, you can have your job back. It frakking sucks.

With as much respect and love as I can muster at this moment,

Lieutenant Sophronia

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