Memoir: Another Prayer

09 Jul 2041

He told me he doesn't believe. Maybe it's wrong of me to find myself wanting to pray for him regardless - is it blasphemy for me to do so? - but what else can I do? I'm not a doctor. I'm impotent. All I can do is pray and try to show him how much I care yet part of me screams ''It isn't enough!" How many times can my holding his hand be a comfort before it just doesn't work anymore? How many times can I say that it'll be alright before it starts coming across as platitudes? Guess I'll eventually find out as I have no intention to not be there for him.

Lords of Kobol, I raise my voice in prayer where another won't, asking you to help him. Please mend his mind and body and return him to us whole. We need him. I need him. I can't do this alone. And please. Please, Lords of Kobol. Show him that I'm here for him. Let him know that he doesn't have to fight whatever he has been inflicted with by himself because I am there for him.

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