Memoir: A Prayer for the Dead

June 28, 2041 AE

"Nor can the grovelling mind,

In the dark dungeon of the limbs confined,

Assert the native skies, or own its heavenly kind.

Nor death itself can wholly wash their stains;

But long-contracted filth, even in the soul, remains

The relics of inveterate vice they were,

And spots of sin obscene in every face appear.

For this are various penance enjoined;

And some are hung to bleach upon the wind,

Some plunged in water, others purged in fires,

Till all the dregs are drained, and all the rust expires.

All have their Manes, and those Manes bear.

The few so cleansed to these abodes repair,

And breathe in ample fields the soft Elysian air.

Then are they happy, when by length of time

The scurf is worn away of each committed crime

No speck is left of their habitual stains,

But the pure ether of the soul remains." *

Lords of Kobol, hear my prayer. I lift my voice even as I lift my burdens, seeking the peace and wisdom that only you can bring. I come to you, empty of heart and soul; please grant me the insight I need to become what is destined for me so that I can help others achieve the same for themselves.

Hera, merciful mother, grant me your wisdom and love so that I may learn how to nurture those I now lead. Visit upon me the temperance needed to be fair and remind me to love others above myself when I forget. Above all, please help me to learn that to nurture sometimes means one has to hurt so that I will not fear my job or do a disservice to those I am meant to guide.

Ares, lord of battle, god of war, hone me to be your weapon, a tool for your purpose. Mold me into a warrior who can lead the people against our enemies and burn them with the many fires of vengeance. Grant me the wisdom needed to be just and even-handed while granting me the steel of nerve, the steadiness of limb and mind as well to guide others onto the battlefield.

Lords of Kobol, above all else, I pray for those we lost, not only those on Leonis and the skies above her but before then, guide all we have lost to the sun and warmth of the Elysium Fields. Release them from their sorrows and their pains as well as allow for them to be reunited with those they held dearest to their hearts.

This is my prayer….so say we all.

*prayer can be found here.

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