Memoir: A Letter Home


Dear Mother and Father,

I am sorry I haven't written for so long but things went from zero to busy as hell pretty much immediately upon arriving on the Cerberus and I just got the time to sit down for a few moments.

Things here have been kind of crazy. Lots of Quorum people as well as press, all of whom seem to want to get underfoot. Thankfully I haven't met them or have been tripped up by any of their number, a fact I am grateful for. I understand why these people are here but they're reminding me as to why civilians should not be allowed aboard a military vessel. Especially one that is new and in need of a lot of testing. But I guess the Fleet people wanted to show off their new baby. Stupid frakkers.

Been making new friends; two of the guys are into Pyramid which I am thrilled about. I was worried no one else would play on this ship. Am going to be starting a tournament, or at least I'll be trying to. Will let you both know how that goes.

Got to do some stuff so need to go. I love you both very much and miss you both. Take care of each other for me.

Love, Allie

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