Iain Craig
Lieutenant Iain Craig
David Tennant
David Tennant as Iain Craig
Alias: Iain
Age: 30
Features: 6'1", brown eyes and hair
Colony: Picon
Rank: Lieutenant
Department: Tactical
Position: Junior Tactical Officer


Born on Picon. Son of a Fleet Commander. A smart young boy in his developing years, and later a CFA Graduate with a brilliant mind. A loyal Colonist and Fleet Officer.

Immediate Family

Service Jacket

  • Colonial Fleet Academy, Picon: 2028 - 2032 — (BS, Astrophysics)
  • BS Hyperion (BS-19): 2032 - 2034 — Ens Communications Officer
  • BS Columbia (BS-109): 2034 - 2038 — Lt JG Communications Officer - Junior Tactical Officer
  • BS Hyperion (BS-19): 2038 - 2040 — Lt Junior Tactical Officer
  • Colonial Fleet Offices - Fleet Academy, Leonis: 2040 - 2041 — Prep for Cerberus & Substitute Astrophysics Tutor at Academy
  • BS Cerberus (BS-132): 2041 - PRESENT — Lt Junior Tactical Officer

Physical Features

A tall, very-lean-built man stands with an air of easygoing confidence and calm authority. Standing at 6 feet and around one hundred and sixty-something pounds, his brown hair has been left to grow a little length and ruffled, or tussled to give a slight messy look it falls forward. His dark-brown eyes are set beneath dark-brown eyebrows. Eyes that seem to carry a weight of knowledge behind his years. Long nosed and thin-lipped with the slight shadwos of both frown-lines and smile-lines, his age is starting to show for this mature officer starting his thirties.

On the Grid

Known Associates

Tillman_icon.jpg Major Clive Tillman

- got a high respect for this man, especially with what he had to do that day. He's a damn good TACCO, and XO at that. Always learning something from him, ever since day one on Cerberus.


  • Friendly and approachable almost all the time
  • Doesn't mind a good sit-down-chat
  • Likes to stroll through the ship in his spare-time, unless he's very very tired

Recent Logs


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