PHD #363: I Put Your Picture Away
I Put Your Picture Away
Summary: Commander Kepner makes some edits to the Memorial Wall. The crowd has varying reactions. Allan Rejn commentates.
Date: 23 Feb 2042 AE
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Deck 9 - Recreation - Battlestar Cerberus
The floorplating along the corridors of the Cerberus are standard military. Their forged steel plates are welded seamlessly together to run nearly the entire length of each hallway. The hallways themselves are the typical load-bearing structural design of the angled quadrilateral. Oxygen scrubbers and lighting recesses are found at nearly perfect intervals throughout the angled passageways.
Post-Holocaust Day: #363

Memorial Wall
A long stretch of cold, impersonal steel forms a pathway to and from several general meeting places common to crew and civilians alike. Yet, there is change, at last - a bit of warmth and respect that has preliminarily tugged against the walls surrounding the chapel. Border - black coupled with red cloth - drapes over several feet in either direction, long wooden boards painted ebon hitting hip high and secured to the wall tightly. Posting board is above it, and between the soft, flowing borders, jars of tacks available there. Wings have been meticulously built from gathered feathers from the Gods know where, marking each corner - a tribute, then, to Hermes, the only God who can safely draw loved ones into the Underworld, who can bring the messages of remembrance and love from those who still walk with the living. Pictures now hang from the boards, more showing up every day.
Memorial Hall - Listing: 14, A Houseboat, Eleven, Elias, Gadjet, Hunter Squad, Justin Foster, Lagana Family, Lily White, Naevi Family, Ringer, Snag, Sonnier, Tied In, Tisiphone
Comment for Eleven: A very amateur-looking photograph taken of the former apparent Cylon prisoner of war who was held aboard Cerberus, calling herself "Eleven." Or Atropos. She supposedly died above Saggitaron. She is here in hospital scrubs, looking disshevelled.

Rehab has done Allan Rejn good. He's dropped a good fifteen pounds off his portly frame, to the point at which his trademark beige suit now hangs loosely over his shoulders and around his thighs, and he no longer stinks of spirits and sweat. His flask — as much a part of him as his hand — is nowhere in sight; his hair — recently cut; freshly styled — is parted rather stiffly over his polished yellow glasses. Standing now with his hands clasped behind his back, alone amongst a sea of blue- and green- and orange-clad soldiers, he looks a decade older than his fifty-odd years.

Always something needs to be fixed or changed. Except today, Sofia has a stuffed parrot, a few plastic palm fronds. But even with such things, she has to stop and consider the wall quietly. There's a sadness. And she remembers something. A small gold ring with a sapphire set in it and a piece of paper with 'C' on it emerges from her pocket. And then she spots Rejn. Looking cleaned up and thoughtful. "Hello there," She offers quietly, politely.

Evandreus' own rehab, begun at approximately the same time as the Rejn's, has had its ups and downs, and though he's never straight given up the pills in question, there are days that their being kept under lock and key away from his ability to pop a few extra if he wants them is more of a hardship than others, and this is most definitely one of those. Back to the wall with his butt on the ground and his arms folded over his tucked-up knees, his head droops, drowsy or despondant, or somewhere lost between the two.

Commander Rudy Kepner isn't a common face around the halls of the Cerberus. So he might go unrecognized - or his presence might be found as something of a surprise - as he strides through the corridor of the recreation deck. He's in no hurry, but he walks with the pace of a man with a clear destination in mind. The memorial wall. Approaching it with straight back and heavy step.

Though their ultimate destination is the galley, Cameron slows as he and his charge reach the Memorial Wall. The place a curiosity and a mystery to Elpis, the little girl simultaneously fascinated and distressed by the place. Some days she buries her face in Cameron's neck or shirt, as if by hiding her eyes she could make all the pictures and offerings disappear. Other times she wants to touch each face, each token, with her fingertips, as if she wanted to read them like braille. Today seems to be the latter, the small girl tugging on Cameron's hair from her perch on his shoulders to tell him to stop. "Oww," complains the doctor, hands holding onto her small legs firmly to make sure that she remains in her seat. "I know you and words still aren't talking to each other, but could we come up with some other signal? And no, kicking is not an acceptable substitute." But obediently Cameron comes to a halt as Elpis reaches out a delicate hand to trace over the cheek of a young woman's face thoughtfully, her brow creasing with unspoken thoughts.

Allan Rejn is clean in body but certainly not in mind — as evinced by the fact that he greets Sofia with a sardonic little smile and a "Been a while, Tits McGee." Rolling forward onto his toes, he re-seats his glasses on his face before peering closer at the wall. "Or did I call you something else?" he asks as he does. "I forget." The others are ignored for now while one less-thick-than-it-had-been finger taps idly against his nose, narrowed eyes squinting even more than normal as he scans this mosaic of faces and names.

Looking for something.

He remembers that huh? Sofia's eyes cross briefly. "Titsy, Chesty, that too," She seems bemused. At least she can help him remember. She smiles and waves to E. Although her eyes widen a bit seeing Kepner. She kind of shrinks down. She almost shrinks a bit more seeing Cameron. "It has been. I'm glad to see you." Better is the unspoken part. She peers over. "So many names…" She murmurs. So many memories.

THe Memorial Wall. It's something that always catches Kaitlyn's eyes, but something she still hasn't grown accustomed to seeing. Seeing people crowded around it is even less expected as she approaches from the back, looking curious. She had been meaning to ehad to the ebarths, when she had remembered it's existance, and ddecided to see if teh recent casualties had been added to it. Instead, she's just ended up standing near the back of the room, watching curiously.

Evandreus brings his hands together, folding them, fingers lacing with fingers as if in prelude to saying a prayer. But all he does is jam his thumbs into the pressure points at the insides of his eyebrows, to either side of the bridge of his nose, the faintly nauseated hue he'd been colored abating into his normal manner of shipboard pallor a moment before he actually lifts his eyes to a level above peoples' kneelines. Look, people. Red marks at the pressure points where he's been rubbing at them, a rosy rawness to the tops of his lower eyelids, he watches them, giving Sofia a little cottonbrained nod.

While Elpis' attention is solely focused on the wall before her, Cameron's is free to wander about the others in the hall. He winces slightly at the fellow that calls Sofia "Tits" and barely manages to sigh as she almost winces at the sight of Cameron. For military, she certainly is rather timid when it comes to him. Still hasn't forgotten their little 'debate' it would seem. Well, fair enough. Cameron hasn't forgotten it either. His gaze flickers away. Evandreus' efforts catch his attention though, and his sense of duty. "Feeling alright there, Lieutenant?" he asks with doctorly concern, taking a step closer to the man without Elpis protesting the slight shift in scenery.

Kepner notes Sofia. And Rejn. And Cameron with the little girl. And the others. But his eyes are drawn most to the wall. He stands before it, arms crossed along his chest. There are some his eyes go to more than others. One spot he focuses on. When he speaks it's semi in response to Sofia, some to himself, and some to the crowd at large. "So many names is right. That's why we're fighting, right there. Those faces, and billions more faces just like them back on the Colonies, up in smoke because of the toasters."

Sofia's confirmation elicits nothing more than a short, sharp grunt, which turns into a sharp laugh at Kepner's words. But aloud: "Heard a little bird chirping in my ear a few days ago," says Rejn to nobody in particular, that finger tracing a path from a dark-haired snipe to an overweight priest to a dog to a wearied schooltea — wait. A dog? That deserves another look. "Little bird told me some motherfrakker with balls of brass put up a special something a couple months ago." And judging from the way he moves on, nearly plowing into Evandreus in the process, it's not the dog he's looking for. To his credit, however, he has the grace to muss up the fragile pilot's hair as he passes, an affectionate gesture that goes some way towards softening the edge in his words: "Getting weepy without whisky? Zeus' prodigious cock, at least have a beer." Rejn evidently prefers to leave the concern to the doctor and his ward, stepping around them to continue his search.

It takes a long moment, but Sofia softens, looking vaguely apologetic at Cameron. She pauses, squishes the parrot. A pause. "… you guys like parrots?" A peer at Cam and Elpis. Maybe an attempt to make peace. She nods at Kepner. "Yeah…" And she take a deep breath, listening to Rejn. "Special something? I'm putting up a ring I wanted someone to have when I found out…" She trails off, going quiet and looking around. Hrrm. What IS different? She smiles at E too.

Evandreus tilts his head into the palm of Rejn's hand as if he, too, were some kind of loyal hound at heel, though even Rejn's genial profanity— coupled with seeing him look so much less about-to-die than he was in past— can't quite bring a smile to Evan's face. Cameron gets a shrug, after a helpless fashion. "Guess so." And his eyes move to the childling, a silent question posited thereby.

Amused, that's how Kaitlyn looks when she steps forward a bit, eyeing Rejn, and then the memorial board behind him. She hasn't been there long enough to noticed something "special? being up ther,e but she's intrigued none the less. "What excatly are you talkin' about, somethin' special?" she inquires as she closes the distance between her and everything else. "I mean, the whole thing is something special."

One brow lifts at a number of different things - Rejn's manner and colorful language, Sofia's offer, and Evandreus' reaction to the man. As Elpis' leans forward to get a better look at this so called 'parrot', Cameron has to take a step forward to keep her on his shoulders as she changes the weight distribution so suddenly and nearly takes a header straight into Sofia's arms. This causes Camer to stumble into the woman, one hand reaching for her shoulder as he balances himself and tries to make sure that she doesn't go down as well. Giving Sofia a crooked smile, Cameron returns to her, "I think that means, yes." Ocean blues eyes rest lightly on Evanderus, sensing that there is much more going on than merely physical distress and offering, "Well, if you would like to get something for … what ails you, drop by the Sickbay? I'd be happy to take a look."

"The only thing on the godsdamned board our dear jackbooted commander might find amusing. C'mon, Hot Fuzz, walk with me." It seems as if Rejn's fairly comfortable assuming the redheaded officer's drapes match the proverbial curtains. But not waiting for her to follow, he slouches past a young boy, a bald female Marine, Caprica University's JV Pyramid squad, and forty-odd other unfamiliar pictures until he finds what he's looking for. Then, licking the tip of his index finger to give it traction, Rejn pushes aside the picture of a matronly nurse to reveal —

"Gods," he says, trying and failing to stifle his usual gut-busting laughter. "Someone really frakking did it. Rudy! My darling Rudy — " And by 'Rudy' he's referring, of course, to Areion's eccentric CO. "Bet you didn't mean to include this face right here in that fancy frakking spiel, did you?"

What face is he referring to? None other than a familiar wide-eyed brunette, her face pale, her hair a mess, dressed in ill-fitting Fleet-issue scrubs: the Cylon agent numbered Eleven.

"Balls of brass? Or no respect for the dead?" Kepner's response is directly to Rejn this time. And now he uncrosses his arm and reaches out to the wall. Not to pin up a picture, but to tear one down. A photo of poor quality, or a rather pretty dark-haired girl. The same Number Eleven that Rejn indicates. "This here? This is blasphemy, and the rest of these deserve better than to lie with this frakking abomination."

"I'd like to lie with that frakking abomination too," says Rejn, and this time he doesn't even bother trying to restrain his hearty guffaw.

Miss Eleven. Sofia looks pained and sad at that. "Miss-" She catches herself and bites her lower lip hard. "Well. I'm not sure why I think. I think I was here when it was put up… but I can't always remember," She admits. She shrugs and smiles sadly. She looks to Cameron. She smiles faintly. "Here then. I was gonna use it to decorate an office but I guess it's better if he gets hugs huh?" She considers and hands the animal over. Her eyes widen as Eleven is torn down. She seems shocked. No. She bites her lip again /hard/. "I think someone put it there because - well, either because she helped us and genuinely liked people or because they were a skinjob or something. I wish I could tell you." She shrugs. "I don't think…." She looks unsure. Either way, she stifles any comment that might give away a faint fondness and sadness around Eleven. "Right." She looks to Kaitlyn. A polite nod.

Awkward. All of this is terribly awkward and Cameron doesn't even really understand what all is going on, his time here after this Eleven was on board the Cerberus. But he can guess, especially when it clearly affects Sofia so. Which does not help but bring back to mind their argument. Rather than get embroiled in all of this, the doctor swings the child on his shoulders down. Elpis reaches out for the parrot tentatively, but doesn't take it, her eyes flickering back and forth between the stuffed animal and the woman holding it. "Are you sure?" Cameron asks on the behalf of his 'daughter'. "She doesn't want to take it if you want it for something else." And in agreement, Elpis' head bobs up and down emphatically. She understands the importance of things and sharing and knowing when not to ask for something, even if she might want it.

Evandreus' attention veers back toward Cameron himself as the fellow tantalizes him with teasing half-promises of his pill supply being opened back up, and he nods hazily, eyes focused but motions wavering. He must be tired, to boot. And then people are tearing stuff down from the wall and he slides to a knee and then up to his feet. "Wh— you're just going to take down something someone put up here?" he asks, eyebrows crooked in a hesitant glance down the wall.

Unfortunately, Kaitlyn seems a little lost. She hasn't been on the ship but two months, much of it spent in an infirmiry or training - she's not entirely up tod ate on teh events that transpired before her arrival, and what she does know… doesn't exactly have all teh dtails, or pictures to go with it. So even though she's followed after Rejn, she looks back at the others for a bit more context. Kepner's reaction, at least, sets a tone she's not entirely sure she's comfortable with. Then the word skinjob gets thrown out. "You're frakkin' kidding me," she intones somewhat darkly, looking over in Sofia's direction.

"This is the face of the enemy, Specialist," Kepner tells Sofia gravely, fixing her with a disapproving gaze. Though he doesn't swear anymore in front of the little girl. He nods to Kaitlyn. "That's right, Ensign. Somebody put one of those Cylon skinjobs up on your Wall next to your friends and family. And this one thinks it's a joke." Without further ado, he rips the picture in half. Then into quarters. Crumpling what remains of it into his fist.

"Now don't get me wrong." Rejn's canny blue eyes have locked onto Kepner's face, and from there they don't move even when rather more alluring individuals (read: females) move into his field of vision. "I'm pretty sure the Fleet's pet reporter has me on record saying how much I'd like to rip off a Centurion's neck and shit down its esophagus." Libran's former Secretary of Defense has absolutely no problem swearing in front of aforementioned little girl. "But if you ask me, and before you say you didn't ask me, I should say I know you didn't ask me, I'm pretty sure you just shoved a pretty massive pine cone up Eleos' magnificent rear end." Eleos being the spirit of mercy, pity, and compassion. "Tsk."

Sofia frowns and looks over to Kepner. "I didn't say it was a joke," She states sternly. "I only offered a theory. So please don't say that kind of thing about me. I've already been attacked once," She seems annoyed and slightly put off. Though, she seems a bit - almost saddened once it's torn in half. She shakes it off and turns away, not too eager to continue talking to the officer. She nods at Cameron. "Yeah, sure. It's fine." She smiles. "Sorry. He'd just be sitting in an office anyway. I should've thought of you guys." She pauses and looks surprised by Rejn. But smiles at his response.

Elpis takes the parrot from Sofia's fingers and then, sensing the woman's unhappiness, gives her a hug around her stomach. Turning his head slightly, Cameron makes the parental decision that the situation here is likely only going to degenerate into further cursing and possibly even blows. As such, he scoops Elpis up once more and announces, to no one in particular, even though his gaze is on Sofia, "Time for dinner. Bye!" Shifting over to the side, he carefully wends his way with child into the Galley. Elpis, despite her earlier interest in the wall, does not demure the decision. Smart girl.

Kaitlyn's normall relaxed demeanour is all but got at this part, watching as the picture is torn up with a look of satisfaction on her face. Looking up to Rejn, and then over to CCameron as he leaves, she glowers a bit. "I spent almost a frakkin' year running from thsoe things," she mutters, sraing at the pieces of teh photograph. "THere's nothing special or amusing about that picture bein' up there, good riddance." She offers a look back to Sofia, rolling her shoulders. Pursing her lips, she takes a few steps back. Don't think you thought it was a joke. This guy though…" she remarks with a dismissive wave to Rejn.

"This…" Kepner scatters the torn bits of the photograph on the floor. "…this thing gets no pity. This is the enemy. This is no different than the Raiders that are attacking this ship everydamn day. And if you can't see that, you've already lost. Well. I haven't lost yet. I'll save my pity for the dead." He nods fiercely at Kaitlyn. "So say we all, Ensign. Nice to see someone on this ship still has some fight left in them."

Evandreus does not add to his querulous inquiry. Or say anything in the wake of Rejn's observation. But his bearing hardens just slightly, hands clenching at his sides. Whether or not he agrees with the photo having been up there is moot— something about the board's sanctity's just been violated, in his eyes, more than anyone's having put up that picture might have done. Brows cloudy, he looks down the formation of photographs and mementoes, reaching out with one hand to trail along a couple of them before taking another down.

Aw. Sofia smiles a little and gently hugs back. "Thanks. I hope you two have lots of fun together," She nods. "I think I'll make some paper birds instead." More practical decoration than a stuffed animal anyway. She growls softly at the fight comment and turns on her heel. "Pardon me, sir, but we've -all- been doing plenty of fighting. I've been on plenty of outings and fixed this ship plenty of times," She puts her hands on her hips. "This is getting nowhere." She sighs. Oh how she wants to argue. But rank. "Oh well," She shakes her head. "Besides. It could just be a prank." She shrugs. She just kind of grits her teeth, stiffling her annoyance. Anyone who is watching though will notice her grip tightening on the stuff she holds just a touch. She takes a deep breath. Calm, happy place. She looks to the board, trying not to listen anymore. She manages to seem faintly more chilled out after a bit. She opts to pin the ring and the note with 'C' on it up. "I'm still mad I never got to go to her wedding."

Cameron leaves, heading towards the Galley [Galley].

Devlin heads down the stairs with Carmen trailing along, a gymbag over his shoulder and headphones still dangling around his neck. He seems to be explaining something or maybe giving a tour, because he starts to gesture at the galley and then the door across from it when he spots the crowd around the wall. "Huh," he says to Carmen, "That's, ummm… the memorial wall. You know, where people put up pictures and light candles and stuff?" He eyes the gathering, clearly puzzled by it, and then wanders over closer to try to hear what's going on.

"Thought we dodged a bullet when we shot Mikey in the head, Cylon or no Cylon. Thought Command would finally see sense, instead of finishing every frakking tac plan with 'Damn the torpedoes; full speed ahead!' And then we get Rudy. Just our godsdamned luck." Rejn's harsh chuckle sends ripples of motion down his belly as his gaze sweeps from Kaitlyn to Kepner. The civilian's thin tenor veritably drips with disdain as he gathers up a ball of saliva in his mouth, ejecting it onto the commander's boots with a snort of contempt. "Hope there'll be someone left to pity you when all this bullshit's said and done. Me, I'm going the frak to bed."

Well, that's certainly a new interpretation of 'spit-shined shoes.'

Evandreus folds the bit of stuff from the wall along lines its been folded along before, and holds it between thumb and forefinger as he turns to look to Abs with weary, dull eyes. Nothing's okay tonight. The person he's showing around is also in the verge of some form of acknowledgement when Rejn Rejns on the Commander's shoes and Evan's off at a brisk pace to come and take the man's arm. "I'll walk you home?" he offers, quietly. But trying to get them fairly well gone ASAP. Before the Commander can… explode, or anything.

Carmen trails along after Devlin, both hands tucked in her pocket as they wander down the stairs. Her gaze is on the crowd, so when he stops she very nearly runs square into the back of him. She manages to stop just in time, turning her gaze from the assembled group to the wall that he indicates, though she hasn't much to say about it. Just a nod and then she's wandering after him again.

Kepner has just apparently taken down a picture from the Wall, torn it up, and crumpled it on the floor. When Rejn spits on his shoes, he goes pale and tight jawed and draws himself up. For a minute, it looks like he might slug the civilian across the jaw. But, finally, he just stiffens. "I don't save my pity for the likes of you, either. It's deluded idiots like you who're the reason the Cylons were able to do what they did. You turned a blind eye for decades, pretended they'd all just disappeared on the other side of the Armistice Line, while they built up an arsenal to destroy us all. Well, I'm not blind. And this Fleet won't be blind anymore so long as I have any say in it."

"Hollllly shit," Devlin comments under his breath as he watches, eyes going wide. "Umm, so," he explains to Carmen quietly, "The guy who did the spitting is Rejn, kind of a waste of space, used to be government somehow I think but now just a drunk mostly. People seem to like him but I don't get why. And the guy he spit on is Commander Kepner, CO of the Areion, the spook ship. This is baaaad." He does not, during this explanation, take his eyes off the interaction, and he winces a little when Evandreus steps up to try to pull Rejn away.

Uh oh. Sofia's mouth closes. While she's in awe of Rejn and likely would take his side a bit more… She opens her mouth. Closes it. "Um." She nods at E. Wise plan. "Let me know if the lights need changing down there too. I made my rounds but it was flickering a bit more than I'd like." She seems /really/ uneasy now. She eyes Devlin. Did she hear? Probably not but whispering… kind of makes her quirk her brows. "Right. Well, I've damaged my reputation enough today. Guess I'm gonna go hide my stuff before someone sets fire to it again," She sighs heavily.

Carmen takes a step nearer to Devlin, leaning in just enough that she can hear the quietly spoken words. Her gaze jumps to each person indicated, looking all the more curious about each individual involved. "What's he doing here?" she mutters quietly back to Devlin, head canting towards Rejn.

Rejn wrests himself from Evandreus' grasp to turn and face the furious commander. "Or maybe," he suggests with an acid little smile, "they found out about you and your godsdamned ship and decided to start the genocide first. Think on that before you take these sorry frakking fools with you into Persephone's frozen snatch." Then, without even bothering to say farewell to the others around him, he slouches toward the hatch, his shoulders hunched forward, his eyes carving out his path in the cold metal deck.


Kaitlyn just clicks her tongue at Rejn's retort, but when he spits, she actually does take a step forward like she's more seriously considering decking him, just as Kepnet had considered. Her hand even raises. but for ebtter or worse, sense over comes her and what was a fist unfurls, hand running back through her faded hair instead. "Frak you," she mutters instead, offering a look at the wall, to Kepner, and the to Sofia, before she turns and takes several more steps away. This has certianly spoiled her mood.

"No idea," Devlin shakes his head to Carmen, "Something about Cylons, I guess? Arguing?" He shrugs and then looks concerned as Kaitlyn looks about the deck Rejn, taking a half-step towards his fellow nugget, "Whoa, whoa, Meat," he says quietly, reaching out a hand a little ways, "Dunno what's going on, but bad idea. Being brigged sucks, trust me."

Evandreus tries valiantly to hold on, but isn't going to keep the arm against its will, and ends up just standing with a faint aura of uselessness about him, looking over Rejn's shoulder to the Commander in question before the Rejn which had been so conveniently forming a barrier between his person and that person disappears. "I just think it forms kind of a bad precedent, you know," he murmurs dimly, shooting a glance that almost attains glare status back toward the fresh Ensign.

Sofia's ready to flounce off herself, and not willing to feed *more* rumors that she snuggles Cylons. Granted, the Eleven ones might have some truth - she did faceplant into cleavage after all and … well, art books and. Yeah. Who knows what the Kepner knows? She hesitates though, looking worried about Rejn and E.

Carmen doesn't so much flounce away as she does skulk, hands still tucked into her pockets as she does. Devlin is given a passing smile as she goes, and then she's off, pace picking up just a little as she goes. Where she's going? She hasn't a clue. It'll be an adventure.

Devlin catches Kaitlyn's attention retty easily, wrinkling her nose a bit when she's called Meat. Her arm falling to her side, she starts towards him, shaking her head. "Yeah, yeah, I know," she replies with an aplogetic tone. A smile is offered over to Carmen for a moment, before she looks back to Devlin. "What's goin' on… is that someone put a Cylon up on the memorial wall. And that asshold thinks it's frakkin' amusing or something, I don't know."

Evandreus knows where he's going, in any case. To the s'bay, where Cameron has helpfully invited him for pilltime.

Devlin's nose wrinkles as Kaitlyn explains, and he shakes his head, but shrugs, "It's gone now, right? Punching people just gets you in the brig. And that Rejn guy is some sort of important or something, I don't get it, but he seems to be. Or was. Anyways. Just go walk it off or something, Meat, you know? If he put it up there Spiral or somebody'll kick the shit out of him soon enough, I bet you. Some people are just frakked up. Also he's a total drunk, so… you know. Who knows if he even knows what he's laughing at."

Kaitlyn lets out a long sigh, and gives a shallow nod. "I'm not gonna hit him. If he did put it up, though, I hope someone does. Wasn't funny or special. Just an insult." She closes her eyes for a moment, and takes a deep breath. "Think I'm going t' try and go get a game of Triad started. Maybe winning a few hands'll put me back in a better mood.: She lets a bit of a grin return to her face, arms crossing as she takes a step past him. "You in?"

Sofia stops and kind of frowns at Kaitlyn and Devlin. "He's not a drunk. He's in rehab for one. For two, Eleven did actually save us a few times. Granted, I don't know that it's appropriate to put her up on the wall seeing how others feel about it but. I dunno. I try not to pull things off the wall." She sighs. "Even if I don't like the person there. But. Yeah. He didn't put it up there anyway. I'd really wish you people wouldn't wish beatings on one another." She seems horrified by the idea of wanting beatings for Rejn. "Just because of their reputation. I guess that's why my locker got set on fire." Sigh. "Oh well. At least no one got hurt." She shrugs. "Be careful out there." She mumbles and turns to go now, gathering up plastic palm fronds.

"Being in rehab is the definition of being a drunk," Devlin replies to Sofia, "And everytime I've ever seen the guy he was about to puke on someone's shoes. And putting up a picture of a person not everybody likes on the wall is one thing," he says, frowning, "But Cylons are not persons, they're not people, they're Cylons. And she's right, putting up a picture of a Cylon on that wall is frakking insulting to all the people they murdered. Anybody who thinks that's funny needs a kick in the teeth and a long meeting with a shrink." To Kaitlyn he shakes his head, "No, sorry. I've got dinner with Psyche and then I'm on alert. Have fun."

"I don't know much of what happened before I got here," Kaitlyn explains a bit bitterly as she angles her eyes back towards Sofia as she starts to leave. "But I do know I lived through Hell on Tauron. Even if one of those things was actually saving people up here, there's no way in Hell, I'd throw one up on a memorial wall." And that's that. She's going to mvoe on before she gets too angry again. "Shame," she remarks to Devlin. "Maybe I should volunteer to take a shift again. It'd be better use of my time, at least…"

Sofia just shrugs. "Your opinions are just that. I don't really care one way or the other. I just don't want people to tear one another apart. I've already had one friend murdered that way and several others beatetn." She turns and leaves wordlessly. "And yeah, it is. Better than trying to beat on civilians because you got riled up." Smile. And off she goes.

"Cylons are not people, that's not an opinion, it's a fact," Devlin says, voice uncharacteristically hard. He looks at Sofia for a long moment, not quite glaring but clearly not happy and then turns away to look at Kaitlyn. "You're scheduled for alert shifts like everybody else, Meat," he tells her, "It's best if you don't try to swap around unless it's some sort of emergency. You get plenty of them as it is, these days. Enjoy your Triad game." And with that, he strides off towards the galley.

"I guess you're right," Kaitlyn replies after a moment, smiling weakly. "Alright, well, I'm going to see who's up for a game. Feel free to come by if you change your mind. Have a good dinner, and all of that stuff." She watches Sofia for another moment, before departing herself, leaving the memorial wall and the remains of teh picture laying on the floor for someone else to clean up, a last vestige of teh argument that had just occured.

Devlin nods to Kaitlyn, and then again, "Sure, thanks. If you're still playing later I'll wander by. Or another time. Psyche's usually up for a game." He nods a little more and offers, "Good luck. See you later."

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