PHD #364: I am Glad
I am Glad
Summary: Wade meets Circe for some PT time.
Date: 25 Feb 2042 AE
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Circe Wade 
Athletic Area
Post-Holocaust Day: #364

Marrus is just leaving the pool area and Circe is standing from the edge, looking to already have taken a dip. She rolls a shoulder back and she lifts her hands high over her head. She takes a few steps back and lifts her chin. She gets the lay of the distance and then steps forward. She hooks her feet at the edge of the pool and look down, curling her toes a little. She shifts her weight forward and then back again, her gaze distant in thought.

Distracted for a moment, she finally dips her head and rolls a shoulder back. Arms lift over her head and back down. Looking at ease to about dive in, she hold still.

Wade has been attending PT, really! He knows that it'll help him get better and so, it's not something that he will avoid. He steps into the Athletics Area, looking around for a brief moment only to head towards the pool a few seconds after. He is just wearing a navy blue bathing short and flip flops, that's it. With him, he carries a blue towel. His attention moves towards Circe and he looks at her while he walks; however, he soon looks at his arm and hand and moves his fingers to see how things are going. Certainly, improvement can be seen, the man is getting better.

She casts a look towards the entrance and smiles at Wade. "Ahh glad you made it. Cameron showed me a few exercises to teach you." She intones and then motions to the pool. "This will be for your arm mainly." She says and then twists about in place. Resting her weight on the balls of her feet, the medic lifts her hands up above her head and with a bend of her knees, she launches up and twists backwards, diving with only a slight angle into the water.

The crewman takes a moment to arch up ward through the water and break the surface. She wipes at her face and then treads water in place.

Wade lifts a hand in silence, offering light wave to Circe. He continues to look at her and when she takes the dive, he presses his lips and nods in acceptance. Not bad, not bad at all. When she is out, the man shows a polite smile and nods "Sure, no problem. I think I'm seeing really good improvement" He smiles, obviously pleased about this fact. "What did the Doctor say? Can I go back to the Sims?" He sounds hopeful, and potentially like someone who would do things anyway.

At his question of sims, her face falls a little. "He said that with your soreness, that you may stress it too much, He suggests a few more days at least." Circe says. She watches his reaction as she keeps to the water but moves towards the pools edge. She pulls herself out to rest on the edge and wait for him. Her legs dangle into the water. "It really isn't that bad…he won't stop you, but recommends you give it a few more days at least." She states, casting a glance up over her shoulder at him.

Wade doesn't say anything for a moment, he just walks towards the edge of the pool and takes off his flipflops, leaving them right there. He slowly takes a seat, using one arm only to support himself and looks at her "Then I shall march into the sims tomorrow" He offers a wiiiiide grin at this and takes a deep breath "No time to waste, no time to waste. Besides, I know I'm not flight ready yet.." he shrugs at this and looks at his legs, now underwater "Temperature is nice"

Circe casts a glance at him askance and shakes her head, "You really are impossible, Wade." she says and kicks some water out with a flex of her legs. "Okay you." She lifts her hands and places the palm over the back of one and links her fingers together then pulls forward with the hand underneath. "This will stretch it with out too much stress…something you should do whenever you get the chance." She looks to him to watch and see what he does, moving to correct him if need be. She waits with pracitced patience.

Wade shakes his head at this "I wouldn't say I'm impossible, I just have a lot of things to do. And it's not just the flying, I have to get better so I can get back to the deck and help with repairs. So far, I've only been able to teach the Nuggets and while that's something good…I need to do more" He smiles at this and then looks at what she does, repeating it almost exactly "Like this?" asks the man, lifting both hands, placing the palm of one on the back of the other and…you know, the rest. "Yeah, I'm doing all the recommended exercises." He smiles at that and then takes a deep breath "Just think of all the fun you'll have when I get back to Sickbay after getting hurt again" To this, he winks and he already knows it's a really poor joke.

"Fun?" She asks him wryly and reaches over to adjust how far back his hand is on the bottom. Circe shakes her head at him and looks up, brow raising, "You think I enjoy your company? I would rather you be well and you pop by sometimes to chat." She says. The medic nods her head towards his stretches. "You are just restless. So restless." She intones. "Have you ever thought of just taking some time to unwind?" Which is probably a a no. The crewman lifts her hand then and press two fingers into the opposite hand's palm and then pulls back so that the fingers are stretched back. "THIS..this you only do as little as possible.." She explains. "And only for a few moments…"

"You don't enjoy it?" asks Wade putting a perfect 'I'm offended' face. He chuckles right after that and takes a deep breath "Ok, so…bad joke, I get it." He shrugs casually at her next words "I'm not restless, I just have stuff to do and—-" and then she says the second part "Time to Unwind? Circe, we are at /war/, that's something I can't afford to do. What I need to do, is to get better and go back out there." He smiles a little at that and adds "I promise you I'll be careful tho, ok? Really" He does everything as indicated and nods in silence, taking things to memory "Ok, only for a few moments."

"Cool down." Circe finally says to him, her hazel eyes meeting his gaze fully. "You need to breathe in for a second. You are alive and still living. There is nothing that says you shouldn't actually live, sometimes." She rubs a hand along her arm and then adds, "I am saying this as a friend and not a medic." She explains. "You need to unwind sometime or your duty will break you. I have no doubt."

Wade shakes his head "I do unwind. I go to the gym, do weight lifting. I…" and he realizes that he doesn't do a lot of stuff outside work "I…sometimes go to Colonial Pete's and sometimes I go to the Library and…" Yeah. He does breathe in of course "Thank you…for saying that as a friend, I mean." says Wade now, smiling a little more. "It's weird huh? How things like this can bring people together. There aren't many of us left."

Circe listens to his list of things he does and she smirks a little. "I see.." She intones, "You do realize that half of that is duty stuff and we can't go to Pete's right now." She nods her head though, smiling with a soft push of her shoulder against his. "Wade, I just get worried about you. Like working yourself to death. I have seen it happen…" she lowers her gaze and looks towards the water, tracing a foot over the surface. The medic curls her hands around the edge of the pool and with a growing mischevious grin, she leans in and puts her arm around him or makes to.

"No it's not" says Wade in a defensive way. However, he smiles and chuckles afterwards "You know, I know what you mean but…it's something that we have to do. If we stop working, if we stop fighting, we leave ourselves open. There will be a time to rest, after we die or after we…beat them" He looks at her and smiles and then tilts his head at the grin she shows "What?" When her arm moves around him, he figures out what she is trying to do and laughs "I see, trying to play dirty aren't you?" Yep, she's trying to push him alright and he'll offer some resistance….some.

Twisting on her hip, she gives it some extra oomph behind her touch. Circe laughs a little. "Oh come on, Drips, afraid of the water?" She jests. She hooks her foot against the wall to help get her strength behind her push. But duty would kill him. If he keeps up the way he does. She can clearly see it, if not kill, it will something that will eat him from the inside out.

Wade laughs at this and shakes his head "I'm not afraid of water, but I wasn't expecting such an aggressive approach" He chuckles now and while he does fight to resist it a little longer, he finally gives in and falls into the water. The man goes under for a few seconds and comes back to the surface. He coughs a little but later smiles with amusement "There, happy now?" He rubs his fingers over his eyes and then over his hair, shaking his head a bit.

"Slightly." she says with a grin. Circe motions with her hand then, "Start your laps, slow and steady. It will get your arm working without too much stress." The medic watches from her perch moments longer, giving him that 'high lofty' look before she can not hold it and laughs. Sliding into the pool, she sinks beneath a moment and rises, drawing a breath and splashing him with a scoop of her hand through the water. "Basic front crawl.." She says and starts, going slower than she usually would. That is, if he follows.

Wade smirks "I bet" says the man now, just shaking his head at that with a smile. Now, he takes a deep breath and nods "Slow and steady" repeats Wade and then looks at the other end of the pool before looking back at her. He tilts his head when she laughs and says "Someone's in a good mood it seems" to this, he smiles and then covers himself "Hey now…don't take advantage of a person with a wound" Wade chuckles again and then nods, starting to sloooowly swim towards the other end of the pool.

"When is a better time to take advantage?" Circe asks him and keeps a pace with him in case he needs help. He might get a muscle spasm or worse and there really isn't anywhere but down. "I am in a good mood.." She confides, thinking on it. "It's just…finding a reason for myself. Both in medicine and in the marines." She looks over towards him, "How are you doing?" she asks him. "Your arm?"

"True enough" says Wade "But that's playing dirty, you are not supposed to do that, you know?" He smiles after saying this and continues with what he is doing, moving both arms in full range of motions, making sure to exercise it properly "I can tell" adds Wade, slowing down a little to look at her "Oh…finding a reason with the Marines then? Would that guy who visited the other day have something to do with it?" He chuckles and then adds "I'm glad you are finding your purpose Circe, you really are of high value. Perhaps you just don't know it yet." Now, as he continues working "The arm? It's actually doing well I think, it doesn't hurt…it doesn't feel a hundred percent like the other one but, it's not bad"

"Just keep up the work.." Circe doesn't comment on his question, stopping as he does to make sure he's okay. The medic smiles warmly and then watches how he swims. "Hmmm something tells me you didn't swim much." she muses. Her gaze drifts forward once more and she picks up the pace to backpedal in front of him, turning to watch his motions. "I want you to life your arm in a windmill like fashion - up and over to drag yourself forward. Stretch that inner arm muscle." She instructs, her gaze watches and then lifts to him. "And thanks…I like to think I am doing some good." she says.

"Well, excuse me, Ms. Olympic Swimmer" says Wade, clearly amused about this "I know enough to avoid drowning, and that's pretty much it. But it's good enough, right? Isn't that what we are going for? To avoid drowning?" He smiles at this and then nods "Right." He actually does pick up the pace a little bit, doing long arm extensions as he uses his legs to kick. One arm after the other, repeat, repeat, repeat…and don't drown. "Now…you are just…showing off" says the man, coughing a little and chuckling afterwards. He slows down for a moment and shakes his right arm under the water, only to start swimming again "It's staring to get a little sore, but it's far less than a few days back, I'm ok. And…I'm glad you are happy"

"Well Mr Weightlifter, I am just paying back the favor." Circe jests with a brilliant smile. She kicks back, giving him room as he picks up the pace. The medic twists in the water and does a side crawl so she can keep an eye on him. When he slows and stops, she does too, moving closer to him. "You okay?" She asks a bit concerned and eyeing his arm. "Cameron said not to over due." She says firmly and then can not help but smirk at his voicing of gladness. "You need to be glad for yourself too." She muses. "I am happy…" She states though, reaching out her hand should he need some help.

"I'm ok, I'm ok…" says Wade, nodding at that as he resumes the exercise "Well, I'll work up until the point in which I think I can't do it any longer…I think that should keep the Doctor at bay." adds the Viper pilot, offering an amused smile. "And I am glad for myself, I know I'm getting better and I know I'll be able to jump back to my routine in no time" He smiles at this and nods "Good, good…it's good that you are" At her offer for help, he shakes his head and swims even harder now "I gotta do this, and I will…you'll see"

Pulling her hand back, Circe nods and swims to the side to allow him to move forward. The medic watches though with a growing consideration. "That is good." she admits and eases up a little, dipping below the water and swimming deeper beneath him to get to his opposite side. Easier to see him. The crewman surfaces and is at the opposite wall, holding to it with a grasp of her hand as she watches him. "You are going to do it." She says with approval.

He is not going to be slowed down by a little pain, no sir. Wade knows that in order to get better, he needs to work for it and so, he will. He looks at how she swims beneath him and shakes his head, smiling at that. When she appears on the other side, he stops, turns around and says "You do like showing off, don't you?" The man smiles and turns around again, resuming his swim towards the other end of the pool. Finally, he reaches that side and with a strong push from his legs against the pool wall, he speeds towards Circe now, moving his arms in full extensions to maximize the exercise as much as possible.

"I like to swim.." she admits when he calls her out. Circe holds to the edge and watches him push into the next rotation and narrows her gaze. She watches the reactions and frowns some. She mouths 'careful' even if he can't hear it, biting onto her lip a little. Frakkin stubborn pilot. That thought causes her to smile a little more brighter and she watches him with a gentleness - still wary by what he will feel after. "This may be your own lap…sir." she smirks.

Wade does slow down a little bit, mid pool. He comes to a complete stop and shakes his right arm, closing his eyes a little bit. Work…stupid arm. "I'm fine" states Wade, knowing that she will ask. After saying this, he remains there for a few seconds and resumes his swim, going just as hard as he was going right before he stopped. Yes, stubborn pilot is stubborn. Finally, he reaches the other end, where Circe is. He gets a hold of the edge and takes deep breaths, relaxing a little. He looks at his hand now and nods "See? I can go back to the sims, no problem"

"Right.." Circe says watching him take the wall. "That is a lie and we both know it. A good front, sir.." she starts to twist and turn, grasping both hands to the side. She shakes her head, looking at him. "No raider is going to wait for you to give your hand and arm a pep talk…" She explains. "And I know you, you will work through pain - even if it is a bad pain." She states and gives him another splash. She starts to pull herself up and moves to take a perch as she offers her hand down to him. "Let me see it." She states.

Wade shakes his head "It's not, I'm fine" says the man, smiling at that. "Well, I'm glad you are learning things about me" says Wade about working through pain, even if it is a bad one. He moves his face away when she splashes him and shakes his head with a smile. He follows her with his gaze as she moves out of the pool and when she offers a hand, he extends his own -the good one- to take a firm hold on hers. However, he smirks and pulls from her hand, trying to throw her back into the water. Yeah, revenge can be a bitch sometimes.

"It's not hard to read you in some respects.." Circe trails off as he reaches his good hand. "No, Wade, I wanted your other.." And then that grin upon his lips. She blinks and tries to snake her hand back out of his hold. There is a soft cry past her lips and she goes forward into thew ater with a definitive splash - far more awkward than any other return to the pool she ever made before. She pops back up and gasps, wiping at her face. "Damn you drips…" She says but there is no sense of hatred in her words and she turns about, trying to splash him with a laugh. "Frakkin pilot.." She murmurs.

"You say that like I'm the most complicated person…" offers Wade and chuckles at that. He does watch her fall into the water and feels absolutely no remorse about doing that. Nope! Not even a little. "What did I do now?" asks the man, smiling at that. He pulls himself out of the water and sits on the edge of the pool "Hey hey…violence should be a last resource. Marines are turning you into a violent person Circe" He smiles at that, clearly amused by the whole situation "Frakking pilot, you got that right" He nods firmly and takes a deep breath, extending his right hand, showing it to her. "Here"

Circe pulls herself up onto the edge of the pool next to him, extricating herself for the umpteenth time this day. She looks at him and then at his hand ruefully. "It's a good thing, it may make me tackle you and restrain you should you need it." She states. She finally takes his hand in her own. The other lifts and she begins to run her other hand over the scarring, rubbing slightly. "It feels like its healing alright..but let me know if you feel anything off." Her gaze looks over his hand, rolling it in her own.

"While I will admit that I do suck pretty badly at hand to hand combat, I'm still well bigger than you, so it might take some effort to restrain me, Circe" says Wade, smiling just a little bit. He looks at his hand as she explores it and sighs, shaking his head "Nothing has been feeling off, to be honest with you. I just have to get used to all the scars, you know?" He clears his throat and then takes a deep breath "I've been resting longer hours than normal, I think that's helping a little bit at least"

"It's helping." Circe admits as she moves up to wrist, bending and rotating his hand carefully. "The scaring is going to give you trouble..but remember if you let the hand sit to long you will do just as much damage as if you overworked it." She explains and then smiles up at him. Slowly she releases his hand and sets it down against his own leg. "Do not swim without someone here, just in case." she advises. "I have to go get some rest, duty in ten hours. Several hours of sleep is needed." She says and remains, kicking her legs in the water a moment longer. "About what I said, you know the feelings." She smirks a little. "Its nothing really." She starts to push herself to her feet. "Just worried..and I know you tell me not to be, but its my job."

Wade nods in silence to her words on the scarring and the sighs heavily "Yeah, it's never going to be the same, I know" states the man. He smiles a little as he looks at her and shakes his head "I won't, I promise. There's always people around anyway. And…I think I will get some rack time as well, I'm a little tired." Now, he tilts his head when she talks about feelings "I understand that you are worried, and don't think I don't appreciate that…I do, really." He stands up as well and takes his towel, moving it over one of his shoulders "When's the next session?" asks the man now, still smiling ever so gently.

Circe listens to how he appreciates it and she draws her hand over the top of her head. "Tomorrow, don't think I won't let you go a day without pee tee, Wade. You want back so bad, I will make sure you get there." The medic nods her head, turning about to gather up her own towel and robe. She runs the cloth over her body quickly and ties it about her waist. The robe is draped over her arm for now as she slides on her sandals.

Wade nods "I know, I know…and like I said, I appreciate that" he smiles to this and then gets his flip flops while running his towel over his chest and arms. He later moves the towel over his hair and then looks at her, smiling "I'll see you tomorrow then." He nods at that, turning it into a fact and then adds "Sleep well Circe…" he gives one last look to the pool and back to her "Don't overwork yourself" Ha! Look at him, using those words against her. He smiles, nods and then turns around, walking towards the exit.

Circe turns to nod to him, "I never do." A lie, but its find put that way. "Tomorrow." She intones after him and wraps the robe about her. She begins the trek after him and knowing it was a long walk back to the berths. The medic takes her time, lost in thought as she exits the pool area.

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