Staff: Hydra

Hello. I am Hydra. I have many heads, all of which can be bribed with candy. *Snap*

I am general interest staff peon. I mainly came aboard to run scenes and assist Polaris & Co. in rolling the plot along, and I hope we can all have much fun setting things afire together. If you ever have an idea for a scene or want something run, holler at me and we'll try to make it happen. I also answer +jobs as I can and review character applications on a limited basis.

I dwell on (well, technically an inland state adjacent to) the West coast, so my online times generally fall into the Pacific evening range (6 PM PST or later). While I can flex my schedule if I have some warning and connect spottily at my workplace during the day, that is generally when I will do things and be most readily available for questions and the like on-game. On weekends I'm around whenever. Unless I'm not. They vary. +mail if you terribly need me, I try to check it daily.

Recent Foo Which I Have Had a Staffly Hand In

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