PHD #280: How to Hose Down Hosedown
PHD #280: How to Hose Down Hosedown
Summary: Cidra and Shiner discuss the 'celebration of nakedness' that happened in her Raptor, and Khloe overhears. Then the Knights SL and CAG discuss disciplinary measures.
Date: 03 Dec 2041 AE
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Cidra Khloe Shiner 
Naval Offices - Deck 10 - Battlestar Cerberus
This area is set-up much like any standard office building. Cubicles have been constructed using cheap waist-high walls, their contents left neutral for whoever needs to use them. Inside each cubicle is a desk with a laptop and chair. Simple overhead lights bring dull illumination to the room except over the back wall where each one of the colonies twelve flags hangs from its own pole. Fake, potted plants dot the room and seem to be standard issue along with the water cooler and coffee machines. Off the main room are a few private offices such as that of the JAG or CAG.
Post-Holocaust Day: #280

Unusually for Shiner, he's out of his overalls (or perhaps that's not all that unusual now), and in his duty uniform instead. Having stayed well out of the way of the CAG all day, he's either spectacularly failing now, or he's here with a purpose. Sitting in the office, he's waiting, hands folded in his lap, beside the CAG's office, waiting nervously for her return from CAP.

Cidra is stalking the cubicles. She's off CAP not long ago and still in her flight gear, minus helmet. She's just drifted over to the area of the cubicles reserved for the various squadron leaders, LSO, and other air ops officers who require a desk for one reason or another. Though unlike her, none of them get their own office. As she heads toward said office, she sees Shiner. And stops. And directs a *level* look at him. "Wright. You found your clothing, I see." It is observed in a deadpan.

Did Cidra just say 'found your clothing'? Captain Vakos, rarely in her actual "office space", is actually here this evening. Likely she had to do so manner of paperwork that was inappropriate for any other public space. In fact, she stacks something up, sounding like papers, while surreptitiously leans to the side, poking her head out of her cubicle. This ought to be good.

Shiner closes his eyes for a moment, taking a deep breath before opening them again and throwing up a parade square perfect salute. "Yes, sir. Can I talk to you, sir? About… stuff yesterday? I want to apologise and stuff."

"Yes, you can. I was hoping you would come to your senses before I took the time and effort to review the security tapes myself," Cidra says, acknowledging the salute and motioning Shiner with her thumb toward Air Ops cube land. "Come here." She feels no need to use the privacy of her office for this, apparently, so she just grabs the Mighty Lions' SL's empty desk. Which neighbors Khloe's. "Ah. Poppy. A good day upon you." The captain is not told to make herself useful elsewhere. Cid's all right with this apology being somewhat public.

Khloe ducks her head back around the corner stealthily before her superior officer brings Shiner over to the cubicles. She resumes stacking her papers, all neat-like, and makes it look like she wasn't eavesdropping. Absolutely not. She glances over as the two come around the corner, and she turns in her swivel chair to face Cidra. "Major. Something I can do for you?" She looks past the CAG, gray blue eyes alighting on Shiner. Hmm. "Apprentice."

Shiner swallows as he follows Cidra and there, there is Khloe. Eep. "Uh… sir?" he pleads, eyeing the captain, before finally giving up, shoulders slumped resignedly. "Sir. You've got to be able to trust your pilots, right? And if I'm going to get to be a pilot, you've got to be able to trust me, yeah?" He confirms these two points, counting them off on his fingers, then fidgets with his own hands. "But if somebody… lost my trust… it's okay for me to… y'know… tell you. I mean, if I have to lose somebody's trust, better it's not yours, right, sir?"

"Get to the point, please, Wright," Cidra says tersely. "Or I shall indeed hold you personally responsible for handcuffing yourself nude in my Raptor." Just a hint of pink creeps into her cheeks as she says it. Just a hint.

Khloe's mouth hangs open for a brief moment at Cidra mentioning the word 'handcuffing', 'nude', and 'Raptor' all in the same sentence. There's a hint that she might also break into a grin. But, just as soon as there's a glimmer of sunshine eminating from Khloe, she quickly stows it; she resumes a stoic observance of what's going on. Clearly, something horrible has transpired, and it wouldn't be proper for her to show anything resembling mirth.

Shiner presses his lips together for a moment, then finally blurts out, "Lieutenant Demarcos, sir." He reddens a little, explaining further. "She needed help with fixing her bird, so I went to help. And then she grabs me and shoves me in your Raptor, sir, then gets her boobs out, snogs me, chains me up and nicks my clothes, sir. I didn't mean to be there, sir! I'm sorry!"

Blink. Blink. Blink. This is Cidra's first reaction to this tale. "Ah." It is a very short exhale of the sound. Blink. She clears her throat. It is unclear if she's appalled or is trying not to laugh. Hard to say. She's inscrutable. "You are saying that Lieutenant Demarcos lured you into my Raptor using her…feminine implements, cuffed you and left you there? Is that approximately what you are saying, Wright?"

"Hosedown." Khloe says the name with such a vehemence, you'd think she was expecting something like this. "She's been on a tear lately, sir," she offers to Cidra. "Most recently she chose to reorganize my locker, knowing specifically I organize things a certain way for maximum efficiency." Of course, Andrea messed around with Khloe's socks and underwear, but Khloe doesn't seem the need to mention that fact. "I've since added a padlock and rectified the situation with Hosedown; she knows better than to play pranks on me. Although, it's more difficult to put a combination lock on Mr. Wright, here." She shakes her head, tsking disapprovingly. "How typically male of you, Apprentice."

"No, sir," Shiner replies earnestly, shaking his head. "She didn't have any implements, just the cuffs. She just got her boobs out, see? And… uh…" He clears his throat, admitting awkwardly, "She's real hot, sir. A man's got no defence against that kind of thing. I didn't think she was going to leave me there. Just… y'know. Boobs, sir." He gives Khloe an apologetic smile, acknowledging her statement.

"I think I understand," Cidra says in that same level tone. Shaking her head at Shiner. "I shall speak to Hosedown, but I believe you are telling me the truth of this, Wright. I see no reason a man would make up…that. I thank you for your candor. You are dismissed and may resume taking simulator time as your schedule allows." The CAG is calm. Perhaps unnervingly so. Her blue eyes have the look of wheels turning.

Khloe narrows her eyes. Dumb apprentice is dumb. "By implements she meant…" She begins to say, but far be it from her to interrupt her superior officer or to countermand an order of dismissal. Instead, she just shuts her mouth, eyes traveling from Shiner to Cidra and back to Shiner again. Stony scowl.

"I'm not going to be brigged, sir?" Shiner confirms in shock. "You're still going to let me fly, sir? For real, sir?" He allows himself a hopeful smile. "She's not going to get in shit, is she, sir? I mean, it was a joke, right?"

"I will allow you to continue pursuing the possibility of perhaps one day flying," is Cidra's reply to that. She is still clearly dubious of Shiner's chances in accomplishing this. A pause. "Hosedown shall live." It's said a little wryly. "But she will not muss with my Raptor again. Such foolery on the hangar deck cannot stand. In the berthings I do not care, but that sort of nonsense is dangerous. Do not worry, Wright. I will be gentle." Dry as dust.

"CAG's perogative. Hosedown's SL might not be too forgiving, though," Poppy fills in after what Cidra says without missing a beat. After all, if there's going to be 'last words' before Shiner runs out the door, she's not going to pass up an opportunity to get her word in edgewise. "Also, Mr. Wright, if you are going to continue studying to be a pilot, please try to remember that whatever your extracurricular activities are, they should never interfere with your duties. This goes for hobbies, alcohol, and especially relationships - as trifling, or not, they might be."

"But I didn't m—" Shiner protests, then stops himself, nodding once and throwing up a salute. "Yes, sir. Permission to carry on, sir?"

"Carry on, Wright," Cidra says, tone still dry as dry can be. "Fully clothed, preferably."

Shiner leaves, heading towards the Deck 10 [Out].
Shiner has left.

Khloe shakes her head again, leaning to the side and watching Shiner more or less flee for his life. "You know, Major, Hosedown got me into the boxing ring down in the athletics area only because she confessed to frakking with my locker. I beat the crap out of her." She sniffs, rubbing at her nose - apparently, she got popped in the face once or twice before said ass-kicking. "That said, we left that prank nonsense in the ring, and I've no problem with her. But I very well can't beat the crap out of her again on Shiner's benefit." She glances back at her boss. "Brig time?"

Cidra smiles, ever-so-faintly, as Khloe describes beating the crap out of Andrea. "I would not be opposed to you trying again." She sighs. "If this had happened the berths, I would just leave it there. But you do not screw around on the hangar deck." A pause. "Literally or otherwise. It is technically a serious enough bout of stupidity to warrant it, if you think it necessary. I have never found time in the brig really teaches one much for this sort of thing, however."

Khloe shrugs lightly. "Well, the last time I broke a superior officer's jaw was right before I ended up in a brig for a week," she states, allowing herself to smirk a little. "As I remember, it was a certain Lieutenant who came to my rescue. But that's besides the point; that was then, this is now." She takes a deep breath and exhales, scowling as she looks aside, clearly thinking. "She means well. She just has this absurd sense of humor. I've not a clue what to do with her, but I'll brig her for twenty-four hours if you don't have a better idea."

"I do vaguely recall this, yes," Cidra says with the faintest of smiles. "That was two lifetimes ago at least." For a moment, a hint of sadness creeps into her tone. But she clears her throat, dismissing it. It's tone when she speaks again. "Brig her if you see fit. That shall *not* be the extent of my punishment for her. I intend to set her to cleaning the Head, with a toothbrush, for week. I find that tends to be…educational."

Khloe nods sharply. "Good. She'll think she's getting off easy with just a day in the brig. I'll let her know to report to you after her brig time is done." With that, Poppy gathers up her papers and stuffs them in a manilla folder. Probably just some squad roster number-crunching. "Fair?" She asks, moving to stand. That's probably her request to be dismissed.

"Quite fair," Cidra says, standing fluidly as well. "I do not really care - within reason - how pilots joke with one another off-duty. But you mess around the deck…well. That I shall not stand. And the man was *stark* naked." Blue eyes widen a touch. She has seen Naked Shiner. She cannot unsee it.

Khloe's lips purse as she fights off a thin smirk. "Good evening, Major," she says, and heads for the door. Time to be a humorless bitch.

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