PHD #084: Home Again, Home Again, Jiggity-Jig
Home Again, Home Again, Jiggity-Jig
Summary: The XO of the Cerberus come to check on the newly returned wounded. Alessandra and he talk before Quinn awakes.
Date: 22 May 2041 AE
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Being able to accommodate combat casualties requires room, and the Sickbay has it. Beds line each side of the room with privacy curtains strung up and readily available. Large vaulted lockers hold access to the supplies at the far end of the area. Nearer the front, a Petty Officer sits ready to dispense simple items like ibuprofen and aspirin. Further to the rear is an area prepped twenty-four hours a day for emergency surgery. To the side are a set of double doors that lead to the Recovery Ward where patients can recuperate.
Post-Holocaust Day: #84

It has only been a few minutes since the Raptor returned with its passengers, the wounded whisked off to Medical as soon as the medics were able to get them off the ship and onto stretchers. Allie was brought to where the more critical patients are, conscious but not much else, the pilot in the middle of being infused and transfused so they can get her stable enough for surgery. A couple of the med staff are keeping an eye on her vitals, everything recorded to be put in her growing medical files later.

Tillman appears in the Medbay, making his way briskly into the room with a curt 'Make a hole!' call. The man stops in the center of the room and looks between the two women. Quinn is obviously unconscious so he looks to Alessandra with a stern face. "Lieutenant." He isn't quite sure what to say. There's concern plain as day on his face.

Alessandra looks up as Clive greets her but it takes her a while to be able to return it, exhaustion plus morpha making it a chore to put words together so they can be verbalized. "Hey…Tilly," she eventually croaks out. "Nice save. Too…too bad you couldn't get everyone the frak off of that dirtball, huh?" She wants to be bitter over having to leave Lasher and the others on that godsforsaken shithole of an irradiated ball of dirt but she can't, knowing the XO would have made it happen if it were possible. "You're a sight for sore eyes, Major."

The man glances to Quinn before stepping over towards Alessandra. He keeps his distance to let the doctors work, though. "Don't thank me. Thank those two pilots and the ECO that grabbed you all." The man's wearing a sidearm now. That's a little bit different. "We'll be getting everyone off of there soon enough. Damned glad we could pull you two out, though. Nobody else came back, though?"

"I will the next time I can see them," Allie says, sounding like she is talking around a mouthful of cotton balls. "Got to wonder how many more times I can take bullets to the boobs before they yank my wings from me." Despite the concern Alessandra has over her ability to fly she gets a bout of the self-induced giggles, her wording striking her as funny. Tillman's given a quick up-down appraisal but she doesn't comment about his wearing the piece.

Tillman snorts a bit with a short chuckle. He finally allows a smile to creep onto his face. "Your selfless concern for the battlestar before the boobs is endearing, Lieutenant." Yeah, she's high. Sometimes it just doesn't matter. "How is everyone else down there? The team holding up well? You've got an entire battlegroup waiting to hear about their well-being." He still holds that smile, his voice quieting as the serious/stern-face fades.

"Well," the retelling begins, "everyone else is alright, for the most part. Jugs and I got the worst of it as did Corporal Blaine…poor guy just could not get the wildlife off of him. Must have worn his meat-scented underwear or something. Lieutenant Trask and Captain Laskaris also got injured but were able to recover enough to stay behind." There were more personnel who were hurt but with Alessandra having been out of it off and on for so long, she really hasn't been able to keep track with all the details. "I think the majority of our people from our team and the other will be able to come home alive, sir."

Major steps in closer to her and takes up her hand in his own, giving it a squeeze as she finishes. "Everyone is coming home. We're a family, remember? This division won't stand. We already have a plan in place. Just have had some unexpected visitors so we had to delay." That's one way to put it. "Do you remember what happened when you all landed?" His other hand moves to take hers between his clasp.

Alessandra closes her eyes and returns the squeeze as much as she's able to, Clive's own safe from being crushed as she can barely get her fingers to curl around it. "I don't really remember. It happened so quickly. All I do remember is just how fast it all happened. Frakking…Cylon came and blew up the ship we had arrived in and then the Raptor…" Her mouth curls down as she tries to remember but right now she can't do anything but just lay there, her mind blank.

Tillman nods his head steadily. "Don't worry about it right now, Allie. I just want my pilot back, okay? We need you well and rested. Gotta get back there and rescue our friends, right?" He winks. "So what happened? No..don't tell me." He looks skeptical. "You fell down the stairs? Walked into a door? ..School bully beat you up for your lunch money?"

Chuckling, Allie shakes her head. "I'll try, Major. I'll try. But right now it sounds like I'll be in here a while." The flurry of activity since the injured duo has been here has made it hard to pin down a doctor long enough get an answer, making it nigh impossible for her to make an outright promise to Tillman. When asked what happened she grins, the gesture stopping just at her cheeks, it getting close to reaching her eyes only to have it fail miserably. "Tried to help a little old lady across the street." A pause. "No one bothered to tell me that they come armed with LGMs now. Teaches me to try and lend aid. From now on those gray-haired little biddies are on their frakking own."

"I think you'll want in on this rescue op. Major Hahn has already approved it. We're skydiving pilots into Anadyomene to steal those Vipers. Gonna involve nuking a few baseships. Orbital bombardments. You know..the little things that make women smile." Tillman winks. "Little old women, eh? Well that was rude of them. Next time make sure you bring your own LMG. Or a Viper. Don't you people learn how to escort from twenty-thousand feet?" The man's smile doesn't leave, trying to keep the spirits high for the young woman.

Alessandra stares a bit, her expression slightly lost. "Okay. So you're wanting to throw pilots out of ships, have them rely on chutes to slow their fall towards the ground, if they bother to open, that is, and then pray they can get the Vipers out…Clive, the Cylon we met up with at the base? They had AA missiles. Missiles, Clive…" Reaching up with her other hand, she brushes a few fingers through her dirty, matted hair, her eyes still lingering on his face. "I'll see if I can get cleared medically," she pronounces.

Tillman smirks. "You strap on the same parachute every day. You rely on it to open. But we've ran tests. Cylon radar won't pick the pilots. You all are too small. Besides, the drop will be made from one hundred thousand feet. Plenty of time. Kulko already told me the Vipers down there are armed and hot. Unless..that's not true?" Tillman quirks his brow.

"Oh no. Kulko's right. Those birds were armed and ready to go. It kind of struck me as odd at first but then it dawned on me that they were probably getting ready to fly some kinds of ops or whatever." A yawn has Allie grimacing and she is quick to pin her arm to her side as if that just might keep the pain from getting too bad. "Frakkers, this sucks."

Tillman lets the hand go and tries to smile as Alessandra grimaces. "We think that most of the bases on the Colonies were in the process of trying to scramble when they got hit. We were at a pretty low state of readiness. But if they are there, we're taking them." He sighs then and nods. "Yeah. It does suck. I'm so sorry this turned out the way it did, Allie. I shouldn't have sent you all down there."

Quinn has been unconscious pretty much since she was brought it. Shock's a miserable thing. But, fortunately, it's also a fairly easily fixed thing. A proper blanket, her feet being elevated and two baggies of IV fluids in her and her white gray colour has evened out a bit better and Maggie's finally starting to stir. She still looks vaguely ridiculous, hair her hair french braided and half a matted, tangled mess, but she doesn't look on the edge of death any more.

Alessandra is not the kind to hold grudges and now is no exception, the Major's apology accepted and handwaved at the same time. "Major, don't you dare say you're sorry otherwise I'll find an airlock and frakking kick your sorry ass out of it," she mostly teases. What serious undertone there is to her voice is so minimal that it could easily be missed all together. "I signed up to help and I knew the risks. It isn't your fault that we were met by…hostiles, sir. Unless you somehow shat them out and sicked them on us…ah…yeah." Quinn's stirring is missed by Alessandra for now thanks to how intently she has her attention on the XO and due to her mind being foggy.

"I see Leonis taught you insubordination. Or maybe that's the morpha. Seems to fit you well." Tillman offers a little joke and just nods to the scolding. "Starting to get some other theories about this whole mess. None of them good. The accidents on the Deck are starting to look less like accidents." His face falls a bit with the words as he glances over to see Quinn stirring. "Gods. Mags." He takes a long breath and moves to her bed next to Lucky's. "Kulko said you were seriously injured. What the hell happened??" She doesn't -look- shot.

No, not shot, but her right leg, very tightly bandaged up in probably the worst make-shift splints ever, probably tells a bit of the story. The sound of Clive's voice is enough to bring her mostly out of sleep, muddy green eyes going wide, though just a bit dilated from whatever drug they have given her. Maggie looks slowly around, first to Clive, giving him a pale lipped smile and just trying to reach for his hand, IV or not — and then to Alessandra…"…hey… we made it… frakkin' made it… Knickers… and Fresh… were amazing. Jus' amazing…" She mutters shakily, drawing in a slow breath and processing Tillman's question. "… Raptor taken out in atmosphere. Had to eject… not enough time for the 'chutes to fully deploy… landed on my frakkin' leg…" Her accent is all lilting Aerilonian back water.

Alessandra looks at Tillman and then Quinn, the latter getting a slow nod and a smile. "Yeah, we…we did. Somehow." A nurse comes and checks Allie's pulse then, something about it getting her to frown and shake her head. "You're going to need your rest, Lieutenant." Huffing a sigh, she shrugs apologetically. "Looks like Mommy's telling me it is time for me to get some sleep. Which is a very good idea. Major, we can talk about my subordination next time. Captain. Take care, huh?"

The Major doesn't even barely let her lift her hand before he takes it. The man is barely contained with his concern and emotion towards seeing Quinn again. It takes a lot to keep from scooping her up and hugging her. "Eject. Yeah. Musta been pretty low. Its a miracle you survived." He then looks to Allie and nods. "Aye. Get your rest, Lieutenant. We'll talk more after you've got some sleep under your belt. Damned glad to have you back." The Major gives her a sympathetic look before turning back to Quinn. "So getting out was a wild ride? I saw the crew from the walkway when they were unloading you both. They looked like they'd just won the lottery."


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