Crispin "Tags" Heres
Lieutenant Crisipin Heres
Kavan Smith
Kavan Smith as Crisipin Heres
Alias: Tags
Age: 32 (May 9)
Features: 5'9", 175 lbs; brown hair; blue eyes; solid build;decorative tat on right bicep
Colony: Aerilon
Rank: Lieutenant
Department: Air Wing: VAQ-141 "Harriers"
Position: Raptor Pilot


Born on Aerilon, Crispin was the son of a farmer and his wife. The idea of continuing the family tradition didn't sit well with him. He wanted something a whole lot more interesting than baling hay or shovelling horse manure. Thus, as soon as he was old enough, he got himself recommended to the Colonial Fleet Academy.

His service and academic record at the CFA was solid. Upon commissioning, he went on to secure himself a position in Flight School, where he was assigned to the Raptor piloting pipeline on account of his technical aptitude and ability.

Out of FS, he went on to serve with squadrons stationed on various support ships. Primarily, he flew SAR and reconnaisance ops for whichever carrier group his ship was assigned to. His last assignment before being transferred to the Cerberus was with a standing L&S squadron at CFAS Anadyomene on Leonis. There, he was promoted to LT late in 2140, before transferring to the Cerberus early in 2141.

Immediate Family


Service Jacket

Date Notation
May 2127 Enrolled CFA on 18th b-day.
June 2131 Commissioned as ENS. Enrolled FS — Raptor Pipeline
July 2133 CLC 1138 Daedalus
Oct 2136 Promoted to LTJG.
Dec 2140 Promoted to LT.
Feb 2141 Assigned to "Harriers" on BS 132 Cerberus.

Physical Features

Standing about 5'9", Crispin "Tags" Heres has short, dark-brown hair and blue eyes. He's got a solid, 175-pound build that proves he keeps himself fit, but also that he doesn't live at the gym. When his arms are bare, a large, decorative tattoo can be seen on his right bicep.

On the Grid

Known Associates

Nobody, yet.


Crispin's callsign is "Tags", which is actually an acronym for Touch-and-Go's. He earned it during a particularly grueling duty stint where he was perpetually short of sleep and thus constantly in danger of nodding off during darkened-room briefings. (This was later compounded with a series of touch-and-go landings due to poorly calibrated instrumentation in his Raptor.) Of course, since then, he's used the cover story that Raptor pilots "tag 'em" so Viper pilots can "bag 'em".

Recent Logs


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