Herak Takao
Mr. Herak Takao
Cliff Curtis
Cliff Curtis as Herak Takao
Alias: None
Age: 34
Features: Big, dark, one-legged
Colony: Leonis
Rank: Mr.
Department: Civilians
Position: Bartender


Herak Takao was among the survivors of the Cylon holocaust rescued from Leonis by the Battlestar Cerberus. Before the bombs fell he was working in the city of Kythera as a bouncer/bartender at the "gentleman's club," Aquarian Pete's. Since his rescue he's done…well, not a lot. Hung about the Cerberus' Starboard Hangar, kept an eye on Pete's girls, and found increasingly creative ways to get his hands on moonshine. The promise of an actual ship for the civilians to call home has stirred him out of a semi-stupor, however, and rumor has it he's working with his old boss, Pete, to see that his new digs have a proper entertainment venue.

Fans of the sport of bullfighting might (dimly) remember the name Herak Takao. He was a rising star on the Leonis matador circuit some fifteen years ago, winner of several awards in the ring, and experienced a brief period of celebrity on his home colony, where he appeared in advertisements for products such as tobacco, energy drinks and expensive boots.

His early promise burnt out within a few years, however, as he squandered his winnings on booze, drugs, fast women, and extremely high stakes betting. Triad, dice, Pyramid…even eventually bullfighting matches, which went against the sports ethics' code. When officials discovered he'd done this, he was banned from competition. He sunk into obscurity after that, knocking around Leonis and eventually landing at the above-mentioned strip club, where he languished until he was plucked off Leonis by Cerberus.

He has an older brother who was a Colonial Marine but Herak himself is ineligible for military service. Since he's kind of missing a limb. His right leg was amputated from the knee down not long after his bullfighting career ended. How he lost it isn't public knowledge as, after his matador career ended, the tabloids no longer particularly cared about writing about him.

Immediate Family

  • Andrus Takao — Father. Factory worker in Pantheiras, Leonis. Presumed deceased in Cylon holocaust.
  • Junia Takao — Mother. Homemaker in Pantheiras, Leonsi. Presumed deceased in Cylon holocaust.
  • Hercul Takao — Older brother. Staff Sergeant, Colonial Marine Corps, last stationed on Canceron. Presumed deceased in Cylon holocaust.
  • Ruby Lee — Ex-wife. "Performance artist" in Leontinia, Leonis. Presumed deceased in Cylon holocaust.
  • Lily Takao — Daughter, age 14 as of 2041, resident of Leontinia, Leonis. Presumed deceased in Cylon holocaust.


  • Pantheiras Public Schools (dropped out at age 17)

Work Experience

  • Matador — 2024-2030 (banned for life for gambling infractions)
  • Bartender/Bouncer, Aquarian Pete's (Leonis) — 2032-2041
  • Bartender/Bouncer, Colonial Pete's (MV Elpis) — Present

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