Christopher Hellicon
Captain Christopher Declan Hellicon
Josh Duhamel
Josh Duhamel as Christopher Declan Hellicon
Alias: Chris, The Air Boss, The God of Air Ops
Age: 33
Features: Tribal Tattoo covering right bicep and shoulder, devastatingly good looks.
Colony: Canceron by Birth
Rank: Captain
Department: Air Wing (Operations)
Position: Air Operations Officer


Immediate Family

  • Father: Christopher D. Hellicon Sr., Master Chief Petty Officer, CF (Retired)
  • Mother: Jennifer Andrews-Hellicon, Master Chief Petty Officer, CFR (Retired)
  • Grandfather (Paternal): William K. Hellicon (Deceased)
  • Grandmother (Paternal): Janice L. Prosna-Hellicon (Deceased)
  • Grandfather (Maternal): Declan B. Andrews (Deceased)
  • Grandmother (Maternal): Karen K. Leonida-Andrews, Deputy Director, Virgonese Ministry of the Interior (Retired)

Service Jacket

(NOTE: all dates are listed from start of career to present.)

Y0: Admitted into Colonial Fleet Reserve Officer Training Corps, University of Virgon at Virgon City for Freshman Year Orientation
Y0+6M to Y0+7M: Training Cruise, Battlestar Olympia
Y0+7M to Y1: Second half of Freshman Year Training Block
Y1 to Y1+1M: Training Cruise, Battlestar Helios
Y1+1M to Y1+7M: First half of Sophmore Year Training Block
Y1+7M to Y1+8M: Training Cruise, Battlestar Solaria
Y1+8M to Y2+2M: Second half of Sophmore Training Block
Y2+2m to Y2+3M: Ashore Training Posting, Colonial Fleet Base Virgon
Y2+3M to Y2+9M: First half of Junior Training Block
Y2+9M to Y2+10M: Training Cruise, Gunstar Olympus
Y2+10M to Y3+4M: Second half of Junior Training Block
Y3+4M to Y3+10M: First Half of Senior Training Block
Y3+10 to Y3+11: Final Training Cruise, Battlestar Columbia
Y3+11M to Y4+5M: Second half of Senior Training Block
Y4+5M1W to Y4+5M2W: Hell Week and Commissioning into Colonial Fleet at rank of Ensign
Y4+5M3W to Y5+6M: Fleet Basic Flight School, Colonial Fleet Airbase Caprica. Qualified in Vipers and Raptors
Y5+6M to Y6: At-Space Flight Training Cruise, Battlestar Bellerophon. Advanced to Lieutenant (Junior Grade) upon completion of tour.
Y6 to Y7: Advanced Tactical Flight School. Excelled in Close Quarters Air Combat Maneuveuring. Designated Colonial Fleet Pilot after completion of Flight Training.
Y7 to Y10: Assigned to Attack Wing, Battlestar Solaria as Viper Pilot. Advanced to Lieutenant upon Completion of tour
Y10 to Y11: Assigned to Attack Wing (Support Division), Battlestar Bellerophon as Junior Air Wing Maintenance Officer
Y11 to Y11+9M: Assigned to Atttack Wing, Battlestar Pegasus.
Y11+9M to Y12+5M: Medical Leave of Absence from Active Duty.
Y12+5M to Y12+11M: Flight Deck Officers Training Program, Colonial Fleet Base Picon. Graduated in top 2% of class. Summarily advanced to Captain after completion of training.
Y12+11M to Y13: Assigned to Pre-Commissioning Unit Cerberus as Landing Signals Officer.
Y13 to Present: Assigned as Air Operations Officer, Pre-Commissioning Unit Cerberus

Physical Features

Height: 6'1"
Weight: 192 Lbs.
Build: Athletic/Muscular
Eyes: Hazel
Hair: Brown
Distinguishing Marks: Intricate Tribal Tattoo on Right Bicep and Shoulder.

On the Grid

Known Associates

  • Lt. Maia Westfield: "An old flame of mine from our time aboard the Pegasus, and one of my closest friends. Kellan Archer has something good going with her, and I wish them both the best of luck… Name your first 5 kids after me!"
  • Major Cidra Hahn: "The Cag… She seems a bit stiff, but I can certainly understand why. Commissioning a new Battlestar is never easy for anyone, especially the Cag. After the paint session in Greje's Chapel, I can easily see her as someone who likes to let their hair down and be 'one of ther guys.' In short? She's got the chops, and the respect, and thats good enough for me."
  • Dr. Jodilyn Blake: "Civilian Consultant to the Quorum… At first, she seemed a total ice queen, but after getting to know her, I'm proud to say she's a good friend."
  • Captain Kellan Archer: "I served with both Archer and Maia aboard the Pegasus. If there was one person who could irritate Captain Taylor, the Pegasus Cag, to everyone's sadistic satisfaction, it was Archer. Gods Bless him for that!"
  • Ms. Santiago Blue: "Never judge a book by it's cover comes to mind when I think of her. She definitely doesn't look like a rep for the delegation, but she definitely has the mind for it. She and I share a love for reading, and that's always something to call common ground."


  • Suffers from Meyrchords Syndrome, an inner ear condition that caused his indefinite revocation of flight status
  • Used to play Forward for the Callisto Wolves Pyramid Team in High School
  • Is learning to play the Guitar in his free time
  • Owns and is restoring a Mk. I Viper back on Virgon
  • Owns a complete set of Builders Blueprints of the Mk. I Viper, one of the few complete original sets still in existence.
  • Is an avid reader and movie buff.

Recent Logs


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